Good copy isn’t just about word count;
why should it be priced that way?

A la carte copywriting rates menu

Most copywriting services are priced by calculating the number of words required. We prefer the “a la carte” approach that lets you choose from a complete menu of options, from standard to pro.

If your need is a simple one, the standard option is a great choice for knowing you’ll pay a single, low rate for the finished product. In some cases where you want a more experienced copywriter with a high level of subject expertise, the pro options may be a better choice.

Blog Posts

This is our most popular format. If you’ve always wanted to blog but couldn’t find the right words, just tell your copywriter what you want to say. A short blog post is about 400 words, or one page. Standard posts are 600 words, and long posts are about 1,000 words. The Pro options mean we will find you a copywriter with the highest level of subject matter expertise.

Web Pages

It’s hard to be successful today without a well-written web page. Web pages range from 400 words to 1,000 words. The copywriter will incorporate any keywords you provide based on your keyword research, using them in natural text to help with your search rankings. Prices are per page.


An article for your website, or a guest article on another website, is a great way to build your visibility as an expert resource. A standard article is about 500 words, on any topic you choose. Longer articles, both Standard and Pro, are available at 800 and 1,200 words.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions that are as colourful as your photographs, precisely written to appeal to your target consumers.

Press Releases

A standard press release is about 400 words. All Get a Copywriter press releases are formatted according to standard guidelines and industry best practices, and include attention-getting headlines to pique journalists’ interest.

White Papers

White papers are between 1,200 and 2,000 words. These are about three to six full pages of content and include citations. Show off your subject matter expertise with some well-written prose that communicates to people that you really know your business.

Custom Projects

Our writers can give you a leg up on your competition with well-written content of any kind.

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