Product Descriptions

Vivid descriptions that make your products leap off the page

How professionally written product descriptions can help your business


Engage the senses

Your website visitors can’t touch or see your product in person so it’s vital to describe it with rich and expressive language. Our product description writers will make your customers feel like they’re holding the product in their hands.


High volume? No problem!

You may have hundreds or even thousands of products and it can be difficult to keep your descriptions unique and interesting. Our pool of qualified product description writers are never short of ideas and can produce high volumes of content in a short timeframe.


Descriptions that sell

Our product descriptions aren’t merely a run-down of dimensions and features. We make your products irresistibly appealing, so your customers will be clicking on the buy button before they’ve had chance to think about it.


Be unique

What makes your products stand out from your competitors? Unless you’re selling a completely original product you need to stand out so that customers choose you over anyone else. We use your brand’s unique qualities and write product descriptions in a consistent tone of voice that speaks directly to your target market.

Increase web traffic and boost sales with SEO enhanced copy

Search engine optimization or SEO is vital for any content that you publish on your website or online catalog. Our product description writers make sure to write with SEO principles in mind so that your products can easily be found and your site comes in at the top of searches. They’re skilled at writing descriptions for similar products in unique ways so duplicate content is never a problem.

Two content options to meet your needs and budget

  • StandardOur standard product descriptions are great value for money and there’s no compromise on quality – all our product description writers are screened and have retail copywriting experience. Length options range from 125 to 250 words a piece.

  • PremiumPremium product descriptions are only offered to our best rated writers with the most experience and highest customer satisfaction. Our top product description writers have a special talent for turning browsers into buyers.

Our top tips for enhancing your product descriptions to maximize sales

  • Add images and media – the images you display next to your product descriptions are just as important as the descriptions themselves. High quality photography is a must. You might also want to consider including video to show the product in use or highlight its features.
  • Describe your audience to us – every brand has a target audience and it’s important to have a clear picture of this when developing content. Are you selling to teenagers or retirees? Affluent singles or families on a budget? Your audience will affect the language we use for writing your product descriptions.
  • Consider customer needs – the most effective product descriptions identify a problem and provide a solution. Our writers carefully consider what problems your products are solving so we can make this crystal clear in the description.
  • Have a clear voice and brand perception – your brand should have a unique tone of voice that appeals to your particular target market. This may be young and trendy, exclusive and luxury or sporty and casual, depending on the unique personality of your company.
  • Encourage social sharing – adding social sharing buttons to sites like Facebook and Pinterest to each individual product is a great way to get more eyes on your products and increase knowledge of your brand.

Consider extra detail that can enhance your product descriptions

– A list of features
– Dimensions or size options
– Choice of pattern or color
– Wash and care instructions for clothing
– Product materials, country of origin and anything special to note (organic, fair trade etc.)
– Brief description about your brand for users arriving directly at the product via search engine.