White Papers

Harness the power of marketing with industry white papers

How white papers can help your business


Position yourself as an expert

Publishing in-depth and insightful information is a great way to get your name noticed and become known as an authority in your field.


Generate new leads

Website visitors who request access to white papers are likely to turn into active sales leads without the need for hard selling.


Attract links and build buzz

Our white paper writers have a real knack for creating useful and interesting papers that are widely linked and shared, driving traffic back to your site.


Get more eyes on your content

White papers can be distributed well beyond the scope of your website, widening your reach and increasing your readership.

SEO – not just a marketing buzzword

You’ve probably heard of search engine optimisation, or SEO, but what can it do for you and where does it come into your white paper? Properly optimised text, whether in your website or in other documents that you publish online, helps to bring in more readers and position your site at the top of search results. As white papers contain so much content, they are excellent for SEO purposes and publishing a white paper written with SEO principles in mind can have impressive marketing results.

Choose from 4 high-quality content options:

  • StandardOur standard-length white papers are approximately 1,200 words long and offer amazing value for money. Standard white papers are ideal for a brief report, punctuated with industry facts and figures.

  • ExtendedWhen 1,200 words is not enough to express your ideas, choose our extended option of 2,000 words. A longer format gives you more chances to get your marketing message across in a non-aggressive way.

  • PremiumFor maximum impact, consider our premium option. Our premium white paper writers are top in their field and have demonstrated proven results. Expect your premium white paper to not only be accurate and well-written, but also to perform as a highly persuasive marketing tool.

  • Premium ExtendedOur premium extended white papers offer all the benefits that our premium white paper writers provide, in a longer format. You can expect these premium white papers to be downloaded more, shared more, and generate more leads due to the excellent value you provide to readers.

Our white paper marketing tips for maximum success

Don’t restrict access to your own website. Post your white paper to other industry websites and syndication sites for increased exposure.

Let the world know. Don’t wait for people to find your white paper – contact your mailing list, advertise it on social networks and feature it prominently on your homepage.

Blog about your white paper. Extracting information from your publications and writing about them on your company blog is a great opportunity to pique your readers’ interest when linking to the full document.

Offer it as an incentive. Another strategy is to make the information expressed in your white paper appear even more valuable by offering it to those who sign up to your mailing list. This is also an excellent way to grow your subscribers.

Treat your white paper like a product. Use the same techniques that you would for any digital product to build interest and encourage downloads.

Be the first. According to a survey by Forbes, 76% of IT managers use white papers to stay up to date with new trends. By being one of the first to write about new technologies, methodologies and ideas, you can increase both your readership and your position as an authority.

Why choose our white paper writers to write for you?

  • Our writers have demonstrated their experience in writing white papers and understand the importance of language, content and formatting in this specialist area.
  • We only select writers who have specific industry experience in your field of business.
  • Our service is faster and more affordable than hiring a freelancer or working in-house – we vet all our writers to save you time and money.