Press Releases

Hit the headlines with a professional press release

Tap into the power of press releases


Use our knowledge to your advantage

Our press release writers have specialist experience and know exactly how to put a press-worthy spin on your latest news so that it is noticed by journalists and top industry bloggers.


Generate buzz worldwide

The power of press releases lies in their potential to be read by many thousands of people and be picked up by large multinational news organizations – global publicity is well within your reach.


Grow your site audience

Press releases are effective at bringing in a large amount of traffic as they are published in many places, rather than traditional articles and blog posts which are usually just posted to one site.


Stand out from the crowd

Many businesses overlook press releases as a form of marketing as they seem intimidating and they don’t know how to get started. We do all the hard work in writing your press release and formatting to industry standards so you can sit back and reap the benefits.

An SEO press release could grow your audience and your business

Search engine optimization or SEO is a vital consideration when you are ordering any kind of content to be published on the web. Properly executed, SEO content is indexed quickly by search engines and rises to the top of search results. All our press release writers are skilled in the art of SEO-copywriting which can bring more visitors to your website.

Two great-value content options to fit your budget

Our press releases range from 400 to 600 words and we offer a choice of several different options to suit individual budgets:

  • StandardOur standard press releases are written in a way that gets your message across quickly, formatted according to industry guidelines, and include an attention-grabbing headline to increase the chances of them being published in more media outlets.

  • PremiumPremium press releases offer all the advantages of our standard option, but are only offered to our top-rated press release writers who have a great track record in getting stories published by top news aggregators and industry specialists.

Tips for releasing a successful press release

  • Pictures and media – press releases have a better chance of grabbing attention if they are published with a photograph, illustration, or infographic.
  • Newsworthy angle – you don’t necessarily have to have an amazing news story for a good press release. Our writers will help to put a spin on your news item, linking it to current events or finding a unique angle.
  • Further information – press releases always include contact information and a link to your website. Make sure you’re prepared for fielding questions that readers or journalists may have and publish relevant additional information on your website for visitors who want to read more.
  • Publishing and promoting – there are several distribution services that can submit your press release to the major news aggregators. You may also wish to compile a list of industry specialists to send it to directly, post it on your own site, and make sure to promote it on social media.

Standard format of a press release

Our press release writers will take care of all the formatting for your press release but it is helpful to be aware of the general format so that you can provide us with all the information we need:

1. Your company logo
2. Any eye-catching headline
3. An opening paragraph covering the basics who, what, when, why and where of your story
4. Two or more paragraphs going into more detail
5. Links and contact details to obtain additional information
6. Background information about your company
7. Contact information for the person who can answer questions about the press release