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to your advantage

Our press release writers know exactly how to put a press-worthy spin on your latest news. Let us write a PR for you that gets noticed by journalists and top industry bloggers.

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Generate buzz

The power of press releases lies in their potential to be read by tens of thousands and picked up by multinational news organizations. The sky’s the limit with a well-written PR.

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Grow your

Press releases can gain a lot of traction for your brand because they’re published in multiple places. Their extensive reach makes them a useful tool for building brand awareness.

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Build trust
in your brand

Unlike a blog you publish on your site, a good PR gets shared by prestigious publications. That gives your brand reputation a boost and enhances your business’s trust profile.

An SEO press release could grow
your audience and your business

Search engine optimization or SEO is a vital consideration when you are ordering any kind of content to be published on the web. Properly executed, SEO content is indexed quickly by search engines and rises to the top of search results. All our press release writers are skilled in the art of SEO-copywriting which can bring more visitors to your website.

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We offer two options
for PR writing and custom word counts


From an attention-grabbing headline to a newsworthy angle, get your story out there with a quality press release that stands out for all the right reasons. 400 words is great for a quick news release; 500 to 600 gives your writer more room for details.


Share your news with confidence – have your PR written by press release writers who know how to craft a compelling story that appeals to news aggregators and industry specialists. Expert PRs are also available in any word count.

Why choose Expert?

All of our writers know how to create great content, so why pay for an Expert press release? Our top-rated writers are capable of creating a polished PR that can attract more media attention. This option is also recommended for subject areas that require more nuance to help them shine.

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Clients love us

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Curtis Gabriel

Been using Get a Copywriter for 3 years now and they have never failed to deliver. Customer service is very responsive and they have never let a project go with me not being completely satisfied with there services.

Emily Burblies Schaefbauer

Get A Copywriter is such a wonderful resource, and we are so happy to have found them! They are organized, professional, affordable, and they produce high quality content. We are beyond impressed with their work. Their service has helped us so much.

Neps Firmalan

Our company has been working with GACW for several years now, and they've proven to be a really great partner for us. Their copywriters are top-notch, possess good knowledge on different topics, and are able to provide quality blog drafts and follow client briefs to produce great works. They're also versatile in terms of topicsóthey have written plenty of blogs, research articles, and press releases for us on different subjects such as Big Data, property investment, women empowerment, and finance. They also submit their works on time and allow you to ask for additional help in terms of editing drafts. As proof of their quality of work, we've given very high ratings on individual projects, and we tend to be quite stingy when it comes to giving high ratings! Last but not the least, their support team also deserves to be commended. They're prompt in their response, able to answer our questions, and provide key insights/feedback when it comes to requested writing projects. In a nutshell, GACW has proven to be a valuable platform for us when it comes to our content marketing needs (including SEO-driven blogs). Definitely a must-recommend!

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Get A Copywriter is an excellent partner if you want to build your professional blog. Communication is great, and all the copywriters I worked with are real pros.

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This is a fantastic service with great writers. The process is seamless and reliable. You can speak with project managers if you need to. I will continue to use and recommend without doubt!


GAC makes my life easy! Dannii and the team are amazing to work with! Talented writers and a seamless process. I would recommend to anyone!

Dante Thomas

Most amazing company! Felicia and her team went above and beyond to help me with my project! They not only write content, but they also help you strategize to make sure the written content is cohesive for your project. I'm so lucky to have had the chance to work with this company and I know they will bring my business great success!!! Thanks so much!!

Car Guys

It is such a pleasure doing business with Get A Copywriter. Our company put together a new website and needed awesome, accurate content for the new site. They went above and beyond what I expected. Now we have one of the classiest websites in our industry. Thank You Dan Benchmark Auto Appraisers L.L.C. Looking forward to working with "Get A Copywriter" working on our Blog.

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Unlike other services I have used where copy feels like it is put together through the spin cycle of a washing machine, Get A Copy Writer quality is exceptional. It is readable, makes sense and is well thought through. I would happily load the text up to our websites without proof reading it is that good... although in practice I do read it, but rarely need to make changes. I never need to correct punctuation, grammar or prose. I am thankful I stumbled across your team after shocking experiences with competitors.


First of all, the best quality of writing. I believe this is the most important, clever writers, good editorial process. Also fast, prompt communication and fair pricing. Finally, I like the option of working with the writers who delivered excellent results before by having them on my team.

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Tips for releasing
a successful press release

  • Pictures and media – press releases have a better chance of grabbing attention if they are published with a photograph, illustration, or infographic.
  • Newsworthy angle – you don’t necessarily have to have an amazing news story for a good press release. Our writers will help to put a spin on your news item, linking it to current events or finding a unique angle.
  • Further information – press releases always include contact information and a link to your website. Make sure you’re prepared for fielding questions that readers or journalists may have and publish relevant additional information on your website for visitors who want to read more.
  • Publishing and promoting – there are several distribution services that can submit your press release to the major news aggregators. You may also wish to compile a list of industry specialists to send it to directly, post it on your own site, and make sure to promote it on social media.
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Standard format of a press release

Our press release writers will take care of all the formatting for your press release but it is helpful to be aware of the general format so that you can provide us with all the information we need:

  • 1. Your company logo
  • 2. Any eye-catching headline
  • 3. An opening paragraph covering the basics who, what, when, why and where of your story
  • 4. Two or more paragraphs going into more detail
  • 5. Links and contact details to obtain additional information
  • 6. Background information about your company
  • 7. Contact information for the person who can answer questions about the press release

You take care of the strategy and we’ll take care of the content –
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