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site audit and customized action plan

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What is an SEO audit?

SEO audit services unveil what’s working on your site and what isn’t. With a full SEO site checkup and action plan, you’re ready to rise in search results, increase web traffic, and turn your most valuable digital asset – your
website – into a conversion-generating machine.

Reach the first page of Google with SEO audit services

SEO issues

Find out what’s holding your site back. Our SEO analysis dives deep into your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to identify issues and opportunities.

Prioritize big-impact
SEO tasks

We’ll help you decide what optimization steps to take first to put your website on page one.

Align with the latest
search best practices

Search engine algorithms and Google Search Essentials are constantly evolving. We’ll make sure your site lives up to the current standards.

Move ahead of the

Your goal: stay ahead of – or in the case of SEO, above – your competitors in the SERPs. Our site audit service will show you how to get on top and stay there.

Our numbers

Average increase in website traffic after implementing our recommendations

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How your marketing team can benefit

Get A Copywriter services are your ace in the hole. We offer the professional SEO and digital marketing tasks
you need to complete projects on time and under budget. Find out how our decade+ of experience serving
agencies and marketing teams can support your success.

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Types of SEO audit services we provide


SEO audit

  • On-page audit – Discover optimization opportunities in your on-page content
  • Off-page audit – Learn how to impact your search rankings with link promotion
  • Technical audit – Find out which technical factors are inhibiting your site’s performance
  • To-do-list – Get recommendations from our SEO experts so you can grow your website traffic 

6-business day turnaround

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SEO audit

  • Analysis of competitors’ strategy – Learn how to out-rank the competition by beating their strategy
  • Disavow link analysis – Uncover any toxic links that are harming your site and eliminate them
  • Organic traffic analysis – Learn why your web pages aren’t on page one and how to get them there
  • Guest post evaluation – Find out what backlinks you need to stay ahead  of your main competitors

6-business day turnaround

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Full Marketing
SEO audit

  • Everything in the Technical SEO audit
  • Everything in the Competitor SEO audit
  • Blog analysis – Learn how to optimize your blog so you generate more leads
  • Marketing recommendations – Learn how to boost your website conversions

12-business day turnaround

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How it works(step-by-step)

Request an audit

Select the audit type that serves your current needs.

Share your SEO goals

Tell us about your SEO goals and share your analytics access.

Get the results

You’ll receive an easy-to-understand analysis and expert recommendations.

Find out what it’s like to work with us

FAQs about our SEO services

  • Your website is your brand’s most valuable online asset. But it can’t do its job if it’s not optimized. Your customers won’t be able to find your site when searching for your products or services. And if your competitors out-rank you, you could be losing business simply because of poor SEO.
    That’s not all. Search is an ever-moving target. Because there’s always new competition, new algorithms, and new best practices, you should regularly audit your site to identify problems that are holding your website back and opportunities that can help you get on page one.
  • Our SEO site audit services start at $995 for our Technical SEO audit or our Competitor SEO audit. A technical site audit arms you with the insights you need to improve your website’s search rankings and boost traffic. Our competitor SEO audit services are ideal if you’re struggling to rank above your competitors.
    You can get both of these SEO services and more with our Full Marketing SEO Audit for £1,410. With this service, you get both the technical and the competitor analysis, plus insights to help you optimize your blog posts and marketing recommendations to increase your website’s conversion rate.
  • The team at Get A Copywriter is here to help your brand shine online. To make that happen, we also offer keyword research and content writing services. Visit our Keyword Research, Content Writing, and Blogging page or book a free consultation to learn more.
  • Once you order SEO audit services from us and provide your details, we’ll start digging into the data and research to get you results.
    Our turnaround time for our Technical SEO Audit and the Competitor SEO Audit is 6 business days. The Full Marketing SEO Audit takes 10 business days to complete.
    The expected turnaround times begin once we have details about your SEO goals and access to your analytics. We won’t be able to begin without this information.
  • Absolutely! We make it easy for you by providing clear recommendations. We detail what to implement on your website and how to do it.
  • Yes! We’re here to make your website a success! If you have questions or comments, leave them in your PDF file. Then we’ll respond with answers.
  • It’s 100% safe. Our experts respect your privacy and comply with all data privacy rules. We’ll never transfer your data to third parties. You can find out more details about our compliance and security policies on a demo call.
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