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Hi there!

First-off, thanks for visiting and taking the time to find out what we’re all about here at Get A Copywriter.

Our team and I are driven by a belief that getting great copywriting shouldn’t be difficult. Today, quality content is crucial for businesses of all sizes, but few companies have the time to create effective content or to source talented writers.

So, we’ve made things simple. Here’s how:

1. We’ve built a best-in-class tech platform that offers a turn-key solution for businesses, provides automation to modernize workflows, and uses intuitive tools so users can delegate tasks and scale business processes effortlessly, without lowering the quality of work.

2. We recruit and vet the best writing talent. We believe remote work is the future, and we enable our clients to work with the best talent for their needs, regardless of physical location.

3. We stand by a process that’s fair for all – 100% money-back guarantee for clients, kill fees for writers, and a fluid feedback loop for our writing team so that they have the opportunity to keep growing.

Everything we do is based on these core values:

Excellence – We always aim for the top and stand by our actions. Setting big goals and meeting them, that’s our way.
Partnership – Together, we’re the dream team. We believe in building long-lasting partnerships, where through talking, sharing, and supporting, be it with teammates or clients, we turn challenges into victories.
Integrity – We keep it real and honest, always. Choosing the right path and staying open with everyone.
Innovation – Fresh ideas? We’re on it! Always ready, always creating, leading the change every step.
Client Focus – Our clients show us the way. We listen, adapt, and deliver exactly what they need.

We believe that remote work is the ideal way to work with the right people, the right tools, and the right processes. Our mission is to help businesses find and work with location-independent talent effectively.

Andy Zenkevich,
Founder and CEO

The Get A Copywriter story

Our early days

We launched a simple marketplace where clients could review pitches from native-English speaking freelancers and place orders.

First account manager

Hired our first account manager in the US, the amazing Markelle. Today, she’s one of our clients!

Quality control layer

Our writers are great, but writing + editing is even better. To make our process smoother, we added a layer of editing. Since then, we’ve always had an editor review all projects before our clients see the writing.

Expanded our team

With a growing account management team–5 people strong!–we streamlined our sales and customer success platform. We also invested more time into developing our admin dashboard and automations.

Our tech transformation

Recognizing a market need for a copywriting platform in addition to the actual writing, we decided to fully rebuild the platform and expand. We shifted from a copywriting agency to a B2B tech company.

New platform design

Each element of the platform–every button, section, and feature–went through dozens of hours of development and testing so we could deliver a state-of-the-art, intuitive, and attractive platform.

New features live

After months of hard work, we launched our API-first, mobile-friendly iteration for our clients. We also added more features including keyword research, proofreading, and an expert writing level.

White label release

We released our white label feature. Now, any client can use their branding and domain name to make the Get A Copywriter platform perform as their own.

Launched blogging subscriptions

Although we’ve been helping clients automate their processes for years, we knew we could do better. Now, we have a single-click solution with flexible monthly blogging subscription plans.

New website is live

After transforming the platform and expanding our service capabilities, we decided it was time to give our website a fresh, new look.

We’re a tight-knit team,
no matter how many miles sit between us

Being remote has one disadvantage – we don’t get to hang out in person! Instead of watercooler chats and lunch downtown, we do Zoom coffee breaks and pizza nights. And when we can, we meet up somewhere fun on this great, big planet.

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