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Whether it’s the sparkling wine on the Schramsberg Vineyard Tour, the extensive Greek art collection at the Getty Villa in Malibu, the hiking at Lake Hollywood Reservoir, or Santee Alley in the L.A. Fashion District, our copywriters know Los Angeles. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they create content to help increase brand awareness, leads, sales and profit.

Advantages of Working with Local Copywriters

Our copywriters have the option of obtaining first-hand experience with your products or services

Local copywriters understand the target market, and the style of communication needed to entice them to take action

Copywriters in the local market can easily adapt…institute copy changes based on the competitive landscape or personal observations

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  • We vet our copywriters, ensuring that you get only the most creative and professional talent
  • Our unique matchmaking system allows you to post jobs, and select the copywriter best suited for your needs
  • We offer fixed, competitive, and affordable rates

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What Sort of Businesses Can Benefit from Our Services? Companies Like Yours…

A restaurant on Sunset Boulevard will be hosting a live music series, and wants to write a news release

An organic vegetable vendor at the Mid-City West Farmers Market will be hosting a variety of Urban Gardening classes, and wants to create sales pages for each class

A designer is launching her sports line during L.A. Fashion week, and needs copy written for a microsite

A financial services firm in downtown L.A. needs to outsource copy for its brochure

An Asian festival is taking place in Little Tokyo, and their volunteer staff needs to find an affordable copywriting company to create the website

A business association in West L.A. wants to start an email campaign targeted at small businesses