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Why order from our copywriters who specialize in writing for the health industry?


Stand out in a crowded market.

Succeeding in the health industry is tough. With thousands of products and services competing for attention, our job is to get you noticed.


Project a professional, trustworthy image.

Consumers may have been let down by companies making wild claims in the past. Our aim is to regain their trust and prove that you’re not selling snake oil.


Position your products as a solution to problems.

At the heart of the health industry, individuals are looking for solutions for their problems. We help identify these problems and demonstrate clearly how you can provide a solution.


Relevant experience leads to proven results.

Our health copywriters have commercial experience in the biotechnology, supplements and natural healthcare industries. We know how to write copy that sells.

How quality content affects business bottom line:

The health industry is an incredibly competitive area. Consumers are bombarded daily with products and services making fantastical claims, so much so that they can become almost blind to the constant stream of marketing messages.

We know you have a great product, whether it is a diet supplement, a skincare product, or laser eye treatment. Our job is to help your potential customers find you, grab their attention and convince them to buy.


Make it easy for customers to find you with SEO-friendly web content that brings you to the top of search engine result pages.


Increase sales with strategically written copy with clear calls to action.


Add personality to your brand so you’re not just a faceless company – consumers are more likely to buy from someone they feel they know and trust.


Retain valuable customers with relevant, helpful content that will keep them coming back for more.

Lucky you found us!

  • Our writers are skilled at relaying complex information in a simple, easy to understand way.
  • We demonstrate empathy with your customers, showing that we understand their problems and offering solutions.
  • We keep up to date with industry news and legislation to make sure we produce content that’s topical and you’re always on the right side of the law.
  • Our copy is laser targeted to speak directly to your audience so they won’t feel like they’re being spammed with mass-marketing messages.

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