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How our article writers could transform your marketing strategy


Join the marketing revolution

Traditional advertising is out and content marketing is in. Well-written, optimized articles are one of the most effective ways of bringing visitors to your site. Our article writers produce great content, which means more customers.


Engage your audience

Publishing informative, helpful and entertaining articles is an effective way to interact with your readers and potential customers. Develop the story of your brand, provide a platform for interaction and learn more about your customer’s motivations through a content marketing campaign.


Grow your authority and brand

Articles that demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your particular industry area are a great way of getting your company noticed and building a reputation as an expert in your field.


Save money while you make money

Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective and affordable forms of advertising and yet is amazingly effective at bringing you new leads, driving traffic to your website and increasing sales.

What search engine optimization can do for you

Our article writers are experienced in writing content that is optimized for search engines, meaning it can be found easily and appears in the top spots on search result pages. The results of effective SEO can be impressive, multiplying your site visitors by a huge factor and having a knock-on increase in leads and sales.

The articles produced by our writers can be published on your own website or used as guest publications or published on article-sharing websites to drive even more traffic to your site.

Three size options to suit any purpose

We offer three different article lengths and most businesses get the best results by ordering a variety of different posts. See below for some article format ideas.

  • ShortShort articles are 500 words which is usually just long enough to get the point across in a straightforward and well-written way. Our short-length articles are ideal for most article directories and are great value for money. Mixing up long articles with these shorter articles is recommended to keep reader interest.

  • ExtendedOur extended articles suit most purposes at a length of 800 words. Most sites require guest posts that have a word count around this figure and you’ll be able to go into more detail than you would in a standard article. As these posts naturally contain more variations of keyword phrases, they can be very effective at bringing in search engine traffic.

Why choose premium?All our writers are skilled, experienced and produce great content, so why pay more for a premium article? Only our best writers are assigned premium articles, which means you are guaranteed the best quality content from talented article writers. This is the recommended option for articles containing very detailed or complex information.

Points to keep in mind when you are planning a content marketing campaign

  • Where to publish your articles – articles can be published on your own blog or on informational pages on your main site. You can also offer them as guest publications on other sites or publish them to article syndication sites for SEO.
  • Images and media – the best articles are a combination of text and photographs, infographics, videos and other media to illustrate the points made in the copy. Images also are great for drawing attention and sharing on social media.
  • Keyword research – it’s very helpful to have a rough idea of what people might be searching for to find your article so we can keep this in mind when writing. Provide us with some basic ideas and we’ll do the rest.
  • Publicizing your content – if nobody knows when you publish an article, you’ll be severely limiting your reach and marketing opportunities. Take full advantage of social media to let your followers know when you post new articles and include sharing buttons on the article itself.
  • Meeting the needs of your audience – a successful content marketing campaign is based on answering questions that your customers are seeking information for. Solve their problems and you’ll build customer loyalty and authority.

Article format ideas

Guides, tutorials and how-to articles – this type of content that is very useful for the reader will be shared naturally on social networks and promotes your brand as being both knowledgeable and helpful.

Reports – a report is basically a long article or a short e-book and can be a useful incentive to give away as a thank you for signing up for your mailing list or buying a product or service from you.

Review – review articles are always great for SEO and also provide value for the reader. You may consider reviewing books, products or services in your line of business.

News and commentary – commenting on a timely news story that is relevant to your readers can be an easy way of getting search engine traffic and providing your site with a fresh content boost.

Statistics – sharing statistics and research results, often with an graphs for illustration, can be an effective way of creating sharable content.

List article – lists are easy to read and often have enticing headlines. They also do very well on social media and can attract thousands of views from sharing on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Interview – interviewing an influential person in your line of business can be very interesting for the reader and the interviewee will often link back to your site when it is published, which can have a great SEO benefit.

FAQ – answering frequently asked questions about your company or industry can reduce time spent replying to customer emails and provides a helpful resource for new site visitors.

About page – the ‘about’ page of a website is often overlooked, yet it is often the first place a new visitor will look for information. Make sure it is well-written and includes links to all your best content.

Resources – a resources page is also essential content for most websites where you can link out to other sites in your field and suggest books and other sources of further information.

Ideas and insights – presenting your personal opinions and ideas can make for very engaging reading material and helps to develop your brand as a thought-leader in your niche.

Inspirational – articles sharing inspiring stories or original manifestos always make for a good read and the best ones will be widely shared.