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Entertain, educate, and inspire with captivating blog posts

How regular blogging can help your business


Stay up to date

Our blog writers will keep your website fresh with relevant, entertaining and informative content.


More content = more hits

Blogging is a great way to bring traffic to your website – the more you publish, the more visitors you’ll get from search engines and social media.


Be more than just a brand

A blog gives a voice to your organization, injecting personality into your brand and providing an effective way of engaging with consumers.


The future is social

Tap into the world of social sharing, increasing awareness of your brand, and the chances of going ‘viral’ with an influx of new website visitors.

Harness the power of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is the practice of designing your site and content to be as easy to find as possible. No matter how great your product or service is, or how entertaining and inspiring your content, if it isn’t SEO optimized, you’ll be losing traffic to your competitors.

Our blog writers are skilled in the art of SEO copywriting and know exactly what it takes to make your site noticed by the search engines, with content that is written for humans, not machines.

Choose from three size options of well-researched, SEO-friendly content:

  • Short400 words is the standard minimum length for blog posts, containing enough content to ensure that search engines can index them easily. Our short blog posts are ideal for quick updates and short stories. We’ll get your point across in a clear and concise way that’s short but sweet.

  • StandardOur standard blog posts are around 600 words. This length is ideal for most articles – just the right length to keep the attention of the average reader and long enough to include sufficient information and discussion.

  • ExtendedExtended blog posts are ideal for expressing detailed or complex information or exploring a topic in depth. Long blog posts can often contain a great deal of valuable information, promoting sharing, and are effective for SEO.

Why choose premium?Our standard blog posts are excellent quality and value for money but if you’re after something a little extra special, you’ll want to consider choosing our premium option. When you order a premium blog post, we’ll make sure to select one of our top ranked blog writers. Our top bloggers are talented wordsmiths and they’ll spend extra time on research to elevate an ordinary blog post into something of real value. If you’re hoping to publish posts that go viral, premium is definitely the way to go.

Other things to consider

  • Images and media – Images are the first thing that people see when they land on your blog post and can make the difference between them staying and reading or clicking off to somewhere else. Images, videos and infographics also encourage sharing on social media which can help to raise the profile of your brand and bring you more traffic.
  • How often to publish – Successful blogs publish to a set schedule so their readers know when to expect a new post. Whether you post three times a day or three times a month depends on your readership and the type of posts you plan to publish.
  • Tone of voice – your blog is the voice of your company so take care to think about the impression you wish to make. Do you want to be serious and corporate or friendly and humorous?
  • Reader interaction – when you start a blog, the way you interact with comments can be almost as important as the posts themselves. Make sure you don’t overlook this important way to build relationships with your customers.

Blog post format ideas

How to/tutorial post – These informational posts bring value to your readers and useful resources have a high chance of being shared on social media.

List post – Ever noticed how many blog posts are titled something like “10 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website”? Posts structured as top 10 (or any other number) lists have compelling headlines and are easy to read.

Interview post – Most people are fascinated to read about famous, interesting and inspiring people and help to provide a different view point on your blog.

Review post – Reviews of books, products and services can help to mix up your content a little and are also good for SEO.

Controversial viewpoint post – Controversial posts provoke users into interaction and encourage social sharing – they often go viral.

Comparison post – comparing two or more different methods of doing something or products and selecting a winner is a way of providing valuable information to consumers.

Story – Storytelling is at the heart of every good blog. Whatever the topic of your blog, you should find some way you can tell a story in your posts. Story posts are entertaining and engaging to read and can be a powerful way to get your message across.

Inspiring post – Tales of triumph over adversity and inspirational quotes always go down well and attract social shares.

What if post – What if posts provide an interesting angle to talk about news and current events or topics within your niche.

Checklist post – Checklists are another easily digestible post format and can be used as an alternative to a how-to post or for informational articles such as “What to Pack for a Hiking Trip”.