How to Choose Topics for Your Business Blog

I mentioned in a previous post that ANY business can benefit from a blog. What I didn’t get to elaborate on there was how.

Those business owners who are trying to work within an exclusive niche sometimes find themselves wondering…

“What should I blog about?”

The answer to that is “anything!”

Even those in a small niche can find topics. The trick is to branch out within that area, and blog about things that are related in some way (even if it’s a small way).

For example, you run an animal shelter. Your website is centered on your business, and contains all the pertinent information that relates to your shelter…

Guess what?

Your blog doesn’t have to JUST be about your business. You can attract a more varied clientele by blogging about many different, but related things.

Again, I’m going to make an example of that animal shelter. You can blog about animal rescues around the nation, profiles of the animals you have up for adoption, reasons adopting pets is a great thing, and the best pets to have.

Another idea for a great blog topic is a list. People love lists. Here are some ideas for the animal shelter… but remember you can apply this concept to almost any business:

  • Top ten dog breeds that make great pets
  • Reasons cats make good pets
  • Most amazing animal rescue stories from the last year
  • Tips for adjusting to your newly adopted pet
  • Checklist for preparing for a new pet arrival

Topics that increase traffic

Business Blog Traffic
The best topics are the ones that people want to read. Keep your readers in mind when you’re blogging, and think about what they might want to know. Tell them how your business works, discuss news regarding businesses in your field, talk about how you found yourself working in that field, and give them tips that relate to the field.

Make sure your news is current an accurate, and that your stories are interesting.

If you keep up with your business, you’ll know what the “hot topics” are in that niche… just blog about those things. If you’re not sure, Google your niche and see what’s trending.

Use social media to stay current

Business Blog Social Media
Follow others in your niche to see what they’re talking about. Don’t plagiarize, but it’s perfectly fine to give your own take on the current news.

Say you’re in the jewelry business, and see that beaded bracelets are suddenly hot… blog about how beaded bracelets are suddenly hot!


Business Blog Research
Go ahead and subscribe to newsletters, email lists, and magazines in your niche. There are endless ideas in those to keep you blogging for a long time, and you’ll be sure to always have current topics.

When in doubt, blog about whatever is on your mind… the occasional completely-irrelevant-but-entertaining blog post is perfectly allowed.

Written by Tori F.
I am a freelance writer and photographer with a wild imagination and inspiration in the form of my two minions (my children), a few feline familiars, and a view out my front windows of the wild West Texas canyons.