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Does your team need a solution to clumsy attachments, multiple copies on Dropbox, or a simplified keyword organizational tool that clients, marketers, and developers can access?

The concept of this spreadsheet is not new, but the fact that our keyword organizer document is now available via Google Docs rather than Excel adds a little something extra for our tribe of followers.

An easy-access keyword organizer can get your whole team on the same page, quickly. Every member of the digital marketing team, from the SEO guru to the PR team, to the developers, and the copywriting team can view website keyword structure and implement design and copy creation without error. For those of you who are Excel junkies or conspiracy theorists about the Google Drive, you may download it and change the format and the storage location.


Make a copy of our Keyword Organizer sheet, and off you go!


Need some tips on using the organizer? No problem!

  • Make a copy of the spreadsheet.
  • Enter the urls and the keywords associated with it, and your brand name. The H1 and Title tag will automatically populate. Create a description tag.
  • The cells following the title tag and the description tag will turn green if you’ve stayed within character count guidelines, and will turn red if you’ve exceeded those guidelines. Formulas incorporate the latest recommendations based on studies by Moz and Screaming Frog.
  • If the auto-populated version doesn’t “speak English”, change it so that it does. Tags should speak to people, not just search engines.

Free Google Doc keyword organizer and tag character counter from @getacopywriter
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Additional info:

  • Looking for additional information on semantic keywords, contextual and conversational search? Search Metrics offers a case study on the Hummingbird algorithm and how it has affected SERPs, check it out!
  • Keyword Cannibalization. YES, your keywords can eat each other. It’s a nasty visual, but luckily, LunaMetrics gives an overview of this mistake in their blog, along with some other helpful keyword tips.
  • Keyword tools & keyword organizers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Giddy up.

Apr 25, 2012

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Michael K.

Michael is a content marketer who teaches people how to grow their businesses online and make a difference in people's lives at the same time.

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