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10 Keyword Tools for Content Marketing

As a content marketer, can you afford to publish content without analyzing keyword data?

If you are searching for an alternative to the Google Keyword Planner, this list  of keyword tools will help you generate a title for your next blog post, today. This list is comprised of keyword suggestion tools, and keyword research tools.

Free Keyword Tool List

1 Ubersuggest

If you need a topic for a blog post, article, or whitepaper, TODAY, Ubersuggest can give that to you. Ubersuggest is more of a suggestion tool than a volume research tool, but it can give you new ideas on almost every topic.

A Beta version is in development, and Ubersuggest fans are hoping that keyword volume will be supplied along with the suggestions in the future.

2 Google AutoSuggest

Google autosuggest is another suggestion tool, but it is super easy to use.

  • Step 1: Go to Google, begin typing your keyword into the search bar, but don’t finish it. What is Google suggesting to finish your query? These suggestions may provide the topic for your next post!
  • Step 2: Finish typing the keyword into the bar, and hit enter. Scroll down to the bottom of the search results. You may see a box ath says “searches related to keyword”. This result is not provided for every keyword search, but it’s worth looking.

keyword tool

3 Mergewords

Mergewords is another suggestion tool, but when combined with a keyword research tool with volume data, it can be a gold mine. Simply add your main keyword to column 1, and add a variety of modifiers into the next column. Looking for longtail options? Using the 3rd column is optional, add modifiers or action words to the 3rd column, if you like. Arrange your main targets with as many modifiers as possible, and you can give copywriters an extensive list of topics to write about.

4 WordStream

WordStream offers a variety of keyword tools: The suggestion tool, a niche finder, a keyword grouper, and a negative keyword tool. The number of free searches are limited to 30.

5 Bing Keyword Planner

Ignoring Bing because it’s not Google can be detrimental to a marketing campaign. Check out Greg Habermann has to say about Bing’s Keyword Research Tool, and you can make the most out of this tool.

Paid Keyword Tool List

1 SEM Rush

SEM Rush is not just a keyword research and suggestion tool, it’s one of the most expansive keyword research products available. We couldn’t possibly explain everything in this short post, so hop on over to their site for a free demo.

2 Wordtracker

Wordtracker’s best features: Pricing & Usability. If you are short on budget or short on time, Wordtracker will be a perfect match for your keyword research needs.

3 Keyword Spy

If you are having trouble knocking a competitor out of a top spot in organic or paid rankings, Keyword Spy invites you to spy on their keyword strategy. Afraid of commitment? Get a lifetime free trial account.

4 Moz Keyword Tool

Moz is one of the most popular tools in an SEO professional’s toolbox. You will gain access to many other helpful content marketing tools with this subscription.

5 Raven Keyword Manager

While Raven is one of the pricier options ($99 a month), they combine the tools of several other providers into one “master tool”. Raven offers free trials, if you like what you see, give them a try.

Looking for more information on keyword research? We recommend skipping over to the Moz Blog, and reading a post by Cyrus Shepard. Although the title of the post is not very flattering, it’s worth overlooking for the juicy tidbits that he’s included.