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Our copy brings products to life.

Pictures don’t tell the whole story. To maximize your selling opportunities, clear compelling descriptions are a must.


Our experience is second to none.

Our pool of retail copywriters offers decades of experience in the industry for businesses across a wide range of sectors.


Draw your customers in at first glance.

Successful e-commerce sites and catalogues combine great design with great copy. Clever headlines will catch the reader’s attention and make them want to know more about your products.


We get inside the head of your customer.

Selling is a science that can be tricky to get right. We understand what motivates people to buy and know how to position your products as must-have items.

How quality content affects business bottom line:

Retail copywriting often involves hundreds or even thousands of product descriptions. Producing these to be both unique and interesting to read is a real skill. Not only should web copy be search engine friendly, but it also needs to speak to your customer and compel them to buy. Our retail copywriters are not just creative wordsmiths, they’re also talented salespeople who understand the psychology of consumer marketing.


Speak to your reader as an individual – your copy should read as if you were having a conversation with the customer.


Text accompanying product images needs to be highly descriptive, as your customers can’t see and touch the product for themselves.


Including appropriate key words in your product descriptions is a must. Successful SEO brings more traffic to your site and results in more sales.


Good copy will differentiate you from other businesses selling similar products and help you to build a loyal following of customers.

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  • Our retail copywriters can deliver high volumes of content on demand, with fast turnaround times.
  • We produce copy that focuses on selling your products, not just describing them.
  • Benefit from our industry knowledge and experience in a wide range of sectors.
  • We offer the highest quality writing with real value for money to maximize your return on investment.

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