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We live and breathe fashion.

Our writers have a real passion for fashion, enabling them to produce exuberant, genuine copy.


We stay up to date with industry news.

The fashion industry moves at lightning speed and we make sure you’re not left behind.


We adapt effortlessly to fluctuating demand.

We understand that your need for copy will vary, with high volumes of content required at the start of each season and as new collections are launched.


We help you deliver a consistent brand message.

It is vital for fashion brands to stay consistent in their message through from imagery to the written word. We follow your lead to create maximum marketing impact.

How quality content affects business bottom line:

We understand that our fashion industry clients need a constant stream of fresh copy, sometimes in large volumes. As fashion trends vary and products change from season to season, so must your copy in order to emphasize your marketing message.

Our team of expert copywriters produces fresh, unique, engaging copy, time after time – even if you need hundreds of product descriptions.


Increase sales with our unique and compelling product descriptions that showcase your products, rather than just describing them.


Improve engagement with your customers by making them want to know more about your brand.


Harness the power of search engine optimized copy to bring extra traffic to your website.


Create interesting, sharable content to increase exposure on social media.

Lucky you found us!

  • Our skilled fashion copywriters produce unique copy that is excellent quality at an affordable price.
  • We can provide large volumes of seasonal content with a quick turnaround to meet your deadlines.
  • We keep up to date with fashion news to ensure your copy is always on-trend.
  • We research your brand and get to know your customers to ensure a consistent message across your marketing materials.

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