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Save time and money with AI-assisted content writing

AI-assisted writing services

AI writing assistants have come a long way. Advanced tools generate engaging content in real time, but AI content isn’t publication ready. Our human writers step in to ensure context, accuracy, tone, and style, so you get polished content. With AI+Human content, we unlock the full potential of AI writing for marketers. 

Where AI content works best

Generating short-
form content

Answering frequently
asked questions

Creating outlines
and topic ideas

What can go wrong with pure AI content

  • Originality

    The best AI tools, including ChatGPT, use content indexed by Google word-for-word. This raises serious plagiarism concerns.

  • Lack of context

    AI is very good at recognizing patterns but can’t always understand context. As a result, some AI output isn’t relevant and has to be rewritten.

  • Word count

    Most AIs generate up to 200-400 word pieces, which generally aren’t competitive in search results. We’ve got your back with posts of 1,000 words+.

  • Digital watermark

    ChatGPT will embed a secret code into its content. The watermark is undetectable by the human eye, but forever marks your content as a product of ChatGPT.

  • Writing quality

    While the current Language Models are impressive, they are generic and of a questionable quality. Posting low-quality content risks the relationships and clout you’ve worked hard to build with human-written content.

  • Accuracy problems

    OpenAI admits that the chatbot has “limited” knowledge of world events after 2021. This limitation presents a major challenge for finance, health, technology, and other swift-moving industries.

  • Robotic and unnatural

    Without the help of a human writer, AI-generated content lacks flow and style. A professional needs to ensure there are logical connections and no awkward wording.

  • Localization and tone

    AI uses natural language processing to understand words, but it can’t see the big picture. As such, the content has to be localized and refined for style and tone.

  • SEO issues

    Because AI-generated content is lifted from existing websites, search engines might bury AI content. That could reduce your website’s search traffic.

How Get A Copywriter combines
AI+Human intelligence

Quality AI prompt

The quality of text depends on the quality of the prompt. We know what to input to generate relevant content.

Top writers

A trained Native English speaking writer rewrites the AI content and ensures accuracy, tone, style, and flow.

Checked by AI detector

We check the text using an AI content detector to verify it’s appealing to humans.

How a human writer refines
AI-generated text

Cuts the fluff

Words that don’t add value are boring and turn-off readers. Writers eliminate the fluff.

Optimizes for search

A writer uses keywords naturally and ensures the content fulfills the search intent.

Adjusts tone of voice

Writers understand the tone the content should have based on the context, target audience, and goal.

Adds visuals if requested

Writers can enhance AI-assisted content with meaningful images.

Fact-checks the content

They also research the details and verify facts so the end result offers depth and value to readers.

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