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What is restaurant copywriting?

Restaurant copywriting involves cooking up content that tempts readers into buying your products and services. It can be for dine-in establishments, takeout places, caterers, suppliers, and other key players in the restaurant industry. When it comes to restaurant copywriting, the menu is extensive and covers websites, blogs, emails, social media, and more.

The writers at Get A Copywriter deliver fresh restaurant content for all platforms to help you capture new customers and convince existing ones to come back for more.

Why choose our copywriters for your
restaurant business?

We speak the language
of food

Our restaurant content writers know how to add freshness and flavour to your marketing messages.

Get your
leads to bite

Our restaurant copywriting makes readers crave your offerings and helps convert them into paying customers.

We cater to different

The restaurant industry is a diverse one. We prepare copy to satisfy the specific tastes of your target market.

Outshine the

Our copy has all the right ingredients to help you stand out and build a name for yourself in the competitive restaurant industry.

Get a taste of SEO-friendly restaurant content

The secret sauce to building a strong online presence is not so secret. It’s called search engine optimisation, or SEO. It helps you rise to the top of organic search results, especially at the local level, giving you increased visibility to potential customers. Our SEO for restaurants is a fast and effective way to drive quality traffic to your website, where you can convert hungry visitors into buyers.

Our quality copywriting tips that affect
restaurant businesses’ bottom line

  • Dish it out. Got some juicy copy on your restaurant website? Share it with other restaurant-related and food-themed sites to get more publicity.
  • Let them know. If you’ve got freshly baked content, tell your social networks, mailing list, and homepage visitors about it. Once they’ve consumed your content, they’ll want to consume your services.
  • Create nourishing blog posts. Use your blog to expand on information on your website, whether it’s the story behind your restaurant or how you source ingredients. It’s a good way to whet people’s appetites for more.
  • Be consistent. Consistency is important for food-friendly establishments, and the same is true in marketing. Make sure your voice is the same across all your touchpoints, both online and offline, so people understand your brand.
  • Don’t forget a call to action. Make sure your copy contains a simple and direct call to action so customers know what to do next, whether it’s ‘make a reservation’ or ‘celebrate your next event with us’. It’s a proven way to get more foot traffic.
  • First come, first served. Does your business have something to say about the latest trends in the restaurant industry? Be the first to create engaging content about new obsessions to boost your reputation and drive more diners to your door.

Get A Copywriter for agencies


You don’t have to pour valuable resources into an in-house team. No need to hire staff, search for freelancers, or manage creatives.

Service tailored
for agencies

Opt for a self-service approach or choose a dedicated account manager and fully managed services.

White label

Our turnkey platform is ready to go. Start using a client-facing portal with your branding, not Get A Copywriter.

Book a free consultation

Who we work with

  • Restaurants, bars, cafes & diners
  • Fast-food stores
  • Restaurant franchises
  • Restaurant equipment businesses
  • Restaurant suppliers
  • Food retail businesses
  • Food trucks & food stands
  • Food services
  • Meal kit and direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses

Our popular formats

Restaurant landing pages

Our restaurant copywriters create on-brand landing pages to capture and convert prospects.

Blog content

We can update your blog on a regular basis with mouth-watering posts that drive more traffic to your restaurant website.

Press releases

Our PR skills help you grab the attention of journalists and foodies about your restaurant opening, seasonal promotions, or talented new chef.


Let our restaurant content writers craft engaging articles that give your audience plenty of food for thought.

Restaurant white papers

Offer solutions to restaurant industry problems with our deep-dive white papers and build credibility in your area of specialisation.

Custom content

Need some advice? Our friendly team can help you choose content that will set you up to reach your goals.

Lucky you found professional
restaurant content writers

  • Our writers have a strong track record whipping up quality content for some of the top players in the restaurant industry.
  • Proven results are a key feature of our content writing, with previous clients enjoying a satisfying return on investment.
  • Everyone has a lot on their plates these days. We deliver content your customers will make time to consume.
  • We help you unleash the power of social platforms with restaurant content writing that everyone wants to share.

How it works(step-by-step)

Place an order

Tell us what type of copywriting for restaurants you need and we’ll get started

Get high-quality content

You can make revisions before proceeding if required

Come back anytime

Re-order whenever you need more content

Rates for our copywriting services

  • Blog posts from A$80
  • Articles from A$100
  • Web pages from A$80
  • White papers from A$280
  • Product descriptions from A$24
  • Press releases from A$80

Price calculator

Number of words

Pro A$___

Expert A$___

We offer two levels
of restaurant copywriters

Pro level writers. Treat yourself to our Pro level restaurant writers. With their industry experience and impressive writing talents, they deliver copy of a consistently high standard. For restaurant content that truly engages your audience, this is your go-to team.

Expert level writers. Opt for our Expert level writers for extra special projects and campaigns. They’re experts when it comes to industry knowledge and equally expert at writing premium-quality copy that gets results. First-rate is a term that describes them well.

Try us risk-free

Blog posts, web pages, articles ...
  • Content writers from A$80
  • AI+Human content from A$37
  • Blogging subscriptions from A$476

Native English-speaking writers

Fast turnaround

Dedicated account managers

100% money-back guarantee

Take a look at what clients say
about our services

FAQs about our copywriting for restaurants

  • We have perfected the recipe for easy-to-use, high-quality copywriting services. Simply place your order online and wait for great results. All costs are upfront, and we offer unlimited revisions.
  • Yes. We have writers of all types, including restaurant equipment copywriters. They have expertise in writing a wide range of content for a diverse array of businesses across the restaurant industry.
  • Costs for content writing and blogging subscriptions are very affordable and provide excellent value for your marketing money.
  • The most important factors include tapping into your prospective customers’ emotional connection with food, triggering a physical craving for your products, and compelling your target audience to buy.
  • Yes. Our authors produce SEO-friendly content for businesses in the restaurant industry.
  • We stand by the high quality of our work and promise to revise your project until you are happy with it at no extra charge.
  • Our customer satisfaction rate is sky high, but just in case you are not happy with our copy, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee. Your refund will be processed in a timely manner.
  • In your brief, try to provide details about your target customers, brand voice, unique selling points, and call to action. If you have seen marketing copy that you like, provide a link, as this will help our writers to deliver the best possible copy.

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