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What is NFT copywriting?

NFT copywriting is a specialised form of content writing for digital art creators and anyone interested in crypto investments and blockchain technology. NFTs are digital tokens that represent ownership or rights to a digital asset — most commonly artwork. NFT writers create content that highlights the benefits and value of your NFT products to potential buyers.

This industry is still relatively new and complex, so it’s important to choose a writer who understands the terminology and can break down advanced technical concepts into simple, easy-to-understand language.

Why order from our NFT content writers?

researched content

In this fast-paced digital world, things can change in an instant. Our NFT writers make sure they are up to date on the latest news and trends so that your content is fresh and accurate.

Complex topics,

Just what are non-fungible tokens anyway? The crypto industry is full of jargon. Our writers can explain the complexities of NFT technology in a way that makes sense.

the value

Your NFTs are valuable — and whether it’s through entertaining descriptions or persuasive sales copy, our copywriters know how to make your potential buyers understand just why.

trust & authority

Trust is key in the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets. Our writers will help you build trust with your potential buyers so that they feel comfortable investing in your NFTs.

Elevate your SEO NFT strategy

Hiring an SEO copywriter can be a great way to make sure your NFT products are seen by the right people. SEO-friendly content writing is carefully crafted content to be optimised for search engine crawlers and algorithms.
Our writers will create content that is tailored to the specific keywords and phrases associated with your NFTs and crypto investments.

Our content marketing tips for the
NFT industry

  • Craft your NFT descriptions carefully. Just like any product description, your NFT descriptions should focus on benefits over features.
  • Make the most of social media. Leverage platforms like TikTok and Twitter to promote your NFTs and link back to your content.
  • Go behind the scenes. People love to get an insider’s view of how things work, so show them the creative process behind your NFTs and let them into your world.
  • Build a community. Like any kind of art, NFTs are about more than just money — they’re about connection and community. Use your content to build relationships with your followers.
  • Write a press release. Building buzz and getting the word out about your NFTs go a long way. A press release can help you get into publications and reach new audiences.
  • Educate your audience. Not everyone knows about NFTs or blockchain technology. Use your content to explain the process and value of NFTs.

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NFT industry clients we write for

  • Digital artists & creators
  • NFT marketplaces
  • Crypto investors
  • Virtual world developers
  • Blockchain technology companies
  • NFT gaming platforms
  • NFT online courses
  • Crypto & metaverse blogs
  • White-label NFT services
  • NFT brokers

Our popular formats

Landing pages for NFT drops

To give your NFT project the best chance of success, you need a dedicated NFT landing page that focuses on the product, builds anticipation, and converts visitors into buyers.

NFT blog content

Nobody likes a stale blog. Keep your content fresh and engaging with regularly updated posts about NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the latest digital art trends.

White papers

White papers are an established form of content used to explain technical concepts in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand way, making them well-suited to this industry.

Press releases

When it’s time to get the word out and promote your token launches, We’ll craft an engaging press release that gets people excited about your project.

NFT articles

Whether you’re looking for an article about the top NFT platforms or a deep dive into the philosophy behind digital collectibles, our writers have the expertise to create quality content.

Custom NFT content

Need another type of content to promote your NFTs? We can provide it. Just get in touch and let us know what you need.

Why choose our NFT copywriters?

  • Get access to experienced copywriters with expertise in the NFT industry and knowledge of the latest trends in crypto and blockchain technology.
  • We’ll work with you to create content that resonates with your target audience and helps you reach your marketing goals.
  • We’re committed to producing content that is well-researched, interesting to read, and optimised for SEO. Our team provides a fast turnaround on all projects.
  • Our writers know how to create content for different platforms, from website copy to blog posts and press releases, so you can maximise your reach.

How it works(step-by-step)

Contact us about
your project

Fill out a brief form to tell us what kind of content you need

Get matched with
a copywriter

We’ll find you an experienced writer who specialises in the NFT industry

Final review &

You can request revisions and order more content as you need it

Our copywriting pricing structure

  • Blog posts from A$80
  • Articles from A$100
  • Web pages from A$80
  • White papers from A$280
  • Product descriptions from A$24
  • Press releases from A$80

Price calculator

Number of words

Pro A$___

Expert A$___

We offer two levels of NFT content writers

Pro writers. Our Pro-level NFT content writers have the experience and understanding of blockchain technology to create engaging, informative pieces that will capture your audience’s attention.

Expert writers. For complex topics that require a deep dive into the details or high-converting sales copy, our Expert copywriters are here to help. With insider knowledge of the latest trends and developments, they’ll make sure that your NFT content stands out from the rest.

Try us risk-free

Blog posts, web pages, articles ...
  • Content writers from A$80
  • AI+Human content from A$37
  • Blogging subscriptions from A$476

Native English-speaking writers

Fast turnaround

Dedicated account managers

100% money-back guarantee

Get an inside perspective from our valued clients

FAQs about our NFT copywriting services

  • Our process begins with you contacting us to provide information about the project. We’ll match you with an experienced copywriter specialising in NFTs who will work on your content, and you’ll have the chance to review and request revisions before final approval.
  • We can definitely help with this. Our team of experienced copywriters has a wealth of knowledge about the NFTs and the blockchain industry, and our content ideation service will help you publish content on topics that will engage your audience and get people talking about your project.
  • Only writers with extensive experience and knowledge of the NFT industry will be selected for your project. Our writers are passionate about keeping up with the latest trends and news in digital assets, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Our pricing is based on the length of content you need. We also offer two levels of writing service — Pro and Expert. You can see our full pricing structure on our content rates page.
  • We also only work with experienced native English-speaking copywriters who have a wealth of knowledge in their respective specialities. Our service also includes a comprehensive editing and proofreading process to ensure the content is error-free and engaging to read.
  • Yes, our writers can create SEO-friendly content that is optimised for search engines. We also provide basic keyword research in our blogging subscription service to help you identify the best keywords to use in your content.
  • Yes, we offer a blogging subscription service that is tailored to your specific needs. You will receive high-quality blog content every week with free topic ideas and search engine optimisation included.
  • We’re so confident in the quality of the content we produce that if you’re unhappy with the work, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. We also provide free revisions on any content you purchase from us, so you can be sure that the final product meets your expectations.
  • As much as you can. The more information we have, the better prepared our writers will be to deliver exactly what you need. This includes providing us with a list of keywords and topics to focus on, any sources or references you’d like incorporated, and any specific instructions for formatting or layout.

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