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What is entertainment writing?

From gaming news to movie reviews, entertainment writing may take many forms but always has a common purpose: to connect and inform a target audience. Our professional entertainment writers know the industry inside out and can offer insight, depth, and interpretation in their coverage of trends, events, and releases, as well as persuasive sales and product copy to drive action. Hire our team of entertainment specialists to receive well-written, SEO-optimized content that commands your audience’s attention.

Here’s what we can do for you

more sales

From brochure copy to product descriptions, our copywriters are skilled in crafting writing that sells, with content tailored to the needs and desires of your target audience.

your brand

We’ll develop your brand using copy that’s both well-researched and engaging, plus consistently written in an authentic voice your audience will keep coming back for.

Get social and
boost engagement

We’ll create like-able, shareable copy for your social media channels, so you can both reward and increase your following.

Diversify your

Our versatile copywriters can create fresh new content for a range of different formats, from podcasts to press releases and everything in between.

SEO content writing for
entertainment companies

Need copy that both connects and converts? Use the power of search to generate organic traffic to your website and achieve your content goals, whether that’s to bring in more sales, likes, click-throughs, or subscribers. Our SEO copywriters know the importance of crafting fully optimized copy that hits all the right keywords and generates more backlinks while still giving your audience an awesome read.

Get A Copywriter for agencies


You don’t have to pour valuable resources into an in-house team. No need to hire staff, search for freelancers, or manage creatives.

Service tailored
for agencies

Opt for a self-service approach or choose a dedicated account manager and fully managed services.

White label

Our turnkey platform is ready to go. Start using a client-facing portal with your branding, not Get A Copywriter.

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Five content marketing tips for the
entertainment industry

  • Become part of the conversation. No content exists in a vacuum, but entertainment content, in particular, is part of a much larger culture. Even if your business focuses on one niche, it’s important to stay in touch with what’s happening across other areas of the industry. You don’t have to cover everything in your own content, but engaging in the conversation even just by liking or commenting on a post will help increase brand visibility and awareness.
  • Create a multi-channel experience. Engaging users in multiple ways will increase your reach and your content shares, so consider adding an extra channel to your content, such as YouTube, a blog, web series, or podcast.
  • Find your USP. Be specific about the one thing that makes your entertainment company better than the competition, then focus on consistently doing it well. You might want to showcase your level of expertise on a particular entertainment topic or niche subject with fact-filled articles, for example, or use your blog to give your readers original information or a fresh take on some topical news.
  • Define your SEO strategy. Take advantage of data-driven SEO specialists to both increase visibility and spark engagement throughout your online entertainment channels. Develop domain authority on the keywords and phrases that your business wants to rank for in search engines today, and you’ll continue to reap the benefits in the long term.
  • Create teasers. Promoting a new entertainment product, movie, video, or brand? Give your audience a taste of what’s to come with a series of well-scripted, shareable teasers on your website and socials. A clever pre-launch campaign should build excitement and leave customers eager to learn more.

Why entertainment industry companies
need high-quality content

Consistently delivering valuable, problem-solving content to a well-defined audience is a crucial step in driving customer activity for your entertainment business. Find out how hiring a specialist entertainment writer to create content that connects with your audience can help you meet your individual brand objectives.

Drive web traffic

With well-written, SEO-optimized content your website will rank higher on Google, which means more traffic and more sales.

Improve sales copy

Let our copywriters sell your product or service with clear, accessible language and compelling calls to action.

Establish brand authority

Use quality article and blog content to showcase your expertise in a specific area of the entertainment industry.

Build customer relationships

Help your entertainment company build an online community of customers with social media, email, and blog content that engages readers and sparks conversation.

Find an entertainment content
writer for your business

  • Filmmakers
  • Artists
  • Dance studios
  • Video editing
  • Instrumentalists
  • Animators
  • Cosplayers
  • Theatres
  • Radio
  • Music studios
  • Tour experiences

Our popular formats

Entertainment company landing pages

Promote your entertainment company with a tailor-made landing page that speaks to your USP and the compelling benefits of your product or service and then directs your audience to a strong call to action.

Content for entertainment blogs

Let us transform your blog with content that’s optimized for discoverability, positions you as a thought leader in the entertainment industry, and has a clear, measurable goal.

Entertainment white papers

Our content writers will conduct thorough research to craft insightful and persuasive white papers, allowing you to establish yourself as an industry expert.

Press releases

Have something to shout about? We understand the angles and structures that make a press release work and get the right people paying attention.

Articles on entertainment

Hire our industry-specific copywriters to craft a well-researched, professionally written article that’s perfect for your niche audience.

Custom content

After something different? Tell us what you need and we’ll send you custom content that perfectly captures your brief.

Why choose Get A Copywriter?

  • Our writers are the best in the business, with decades of combined experience across a range of mediums and content types.
  • We combine professional editorial skills with a passion for the entertainment industry to create content your audience will love.
  • Our copywriters know how to create persuasive, high-converting copy that drives people to take action and gets results.
  • With a genuine love for the entertainment industry, we can deliver content that really connects with your audience.

How it works(step-by-step)

Order your content

Send us your brief and we’ll start writing.

Review your copy

Get a first draft and request as many revisions as you want.

Repeat as required

Get more content when you want it.

Entertainment copywriting rates

  • Blog posts from C$80
  • Articles from C$100
  • Web pages from C$80
  • White papers from C$280
  • Product descriptions from C$24
  • Press releases from C$80

Price calculator

Number of words

Pro C$___

Expert C$___

Pro or expert: choose your
entertainment writer

Pro level writers. Need a show-stopping landing page for your entertainment company or a series of share-worthy blog posts? Hire our talented Pro writers for copy that ticks all your boxes.

Expert writers. Our Expert writers are elite content strategists who specialize in words that drive action. Send your brief to these top-rated writers to receive high-converting sales copy, in-depth research articles, persuasive white papers, and more.

Try us risk-free

Blog posts, web pages, articles ...
  • Content writers from С$80
  • AI+Human content from С$37
  • Blogging subscriptions from С$476

Native English-speaking writers

Fast turnaround

Dedicated account managers

100% money-back guarantee

What our clients are saying

Hire our entertainment freelance writers: FAQs

  • Our writers specialize in the entertainment industry, providing knowledge-led content to support and promote your entertainment business, service, product, or event.
  • Lots! We screen all our writers and hire only the highest calibre of writing talent. Plus, only copywriters with a proven track record of success in the entertainment industry will be able to apply for your project.
  • It’s easy. Simply submit an order using our online form and tell us everything you need.
  • Our entertainment writers have proven expertise across the industry, combined with the professional writing and research skills to tackle any topic.
  • Outsourcing your copywriting means you’ll receive copy that hits the mark every time, plus you’ll have more time to spend on another aspect of your business.
  • We offer unlimited free revisions, so you can request as many as you need to make sure our content is just right for you.
  • We’re confident that you’ll love our copy. But if you don’t, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Give your writer as much direction as possible by outlining your copy objectives and your target audience. We also welcome brand guidelines and any entertainment copywriting examples you’ve seen and loved.

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