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What is technical writing?

Technical writing involves taking traditionally obscure topics and presenting the content in a way that’s accessible to both a knowledgeable audience and laypeople. A technical copywriter has experience writing in technical fields such as engineering, software, finance, and biotechnology. They know how to present complicated or highly technical information in a way that’s useful, easy to understand, and search-engine friendly.

Appeal to your audience and increase web traffic with high-quality technical content.

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How experienced technical writers improve
your marketing strategy

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Simplify without dumbing down

Our technical copywriters are skilled at translating complex jargon into plain English, without oversimplifying.

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We transform dense technical content into practical explanations and helpful guidelines for your readers.

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that compel

Technical copywriting doesn’t have to be dry. In fact, our writers infuse compelling messaging into the content to help you reach your marketing goals.

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Seasoned technical writers

With experience in software, finance, and business technical writing – and more – you can expect polished technical information from our team!

Looking for writers who make complex topics digestible to your readers?

Find out the 13 things you should never do when hiring writers.

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Knowledgeable tech writers
help drive traffic to your site

It takes a high level of skill to understand dense information and translate it into something useful. Our writers combine industry expertise and writing talent to craft impactful technical content writing.

Creating technical content that resonates with your audience is challenging, which is why it’s important to rely on copywriters who have experience with technical writing topics for your project.

Boost sales
with engaging copy

Consumers won’t buy into something they don’t understand. Improve the readability of your copy and sales will follow.

Help searchers
find your tech content

Benefit from the latest SEO knowledge and techniques to drive targeted traffic to your website and leave your competitors in the dust.

Provide clear
explanations that help readers

Communicate your message clearly, whatever the level of your readers’ technical knowledge.

customer relationships

Inject personality into your website and communication materials and show your audience why your brand is worth their time.

Harness the power of SEO
in technical writing

Help users find your content with a combination of technical SEO best practices, keyword research and optimized content. Our technical writers bring clarity to your web pages and help you reach the right audience. When you hire an SEO copywriter from Get A Copywriter, you’ll benefit from content crafted specifically to attract your target market and drive more traffic and sales.

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Get A Copywriter for agencies


You don’t have to pour valuable resources into an in-house team. No need to hire staff, search for freelancers, or manage creatives.

Service tailored
for agencies

Opt for a self-service approach or choose a dedicated account manager and fully managed services.

White label

Our turnkey platform is ready to go. Start using a client-facing portal with your branding, not Get A Copywriter.

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Why rely on Get A Copywriter for
your technical content

  • We have a number of experienced technical copywriters,ready to work with you today.
  • There’s no need to compromise – our writers have bothtechnical knowledge and creative talent.
  • Tired of working with unreliable freelancers or paying overthe odds? Get high quality copy delivered on time and on budget.
  • We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in technology andour portfolio is growing daily. Will you be next?

Explore technical writing topics our
copywriters have experience with

  • Operating systems
  • Data architecture and analysis
  • VM and VPN
  • Web services
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain

How it works(step-by-step)

Order content

Share the details of your technical writing project.


Once our team is done, you can review the copy.

Request a revision or accept

We’ll complete any revisions you need – when you’re happy, accept the project!

Pricing for technical content

  • Blog posts from C$80
  • Articles from C$100
  • Web pages from C$80
  • White papers from C$280
  • Product descriptions from C$24
  • Press releases from C$80

Price calculator

Number of words

Pro C$___

Expert C$___

Choose from two writer levels

Pro writers can create almost any type of technical writing, including engineering writing, consumer electronics content, and more. Expect clean, well-written technical content.

Expert writers have more years of experience and are good at making even complex technical information feel relevant. If you need an adept writer to handle your project, hire an expert technical writer.

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Blog posts, web pages, articles ...
  • Content writers from С$80
  • AI+Human content from С$37
  • Blogging subscriptions from С$476

Native English-speaking writers

Fast turnaround

Dedicated account managers

100% money-back guarantee

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Technical content writing FAQs

  • A technical writer crafts copy that provides instruction or direction on a complex topic. Technical writing topics include computer software, biotechnology, finance, chemistry, agriculture, and business.
  • Hiring a technical writer through Get A Copywriter is easy. Simply order a project, provide a clear brief, and we’ll help match your project with a writer. You can also contact us for assistance.
  • A technical writer should be skilled in crafting clear copy, doing research, and organizing content based on the marketing need, whether it’s an informational blog post, instruction page, or something else.
  • It’s important because it helps to transform complicated or difficult-to-understand information into content that’s helpful and approachable. Without it, everyday people wouldn’t have access to the instructions and guidance they need to use a product or service, understand a topic, or complete an action.
  • Technical writing is used in many industries, from technology to finance. And the actual writing can be used anywhere you need to provide complex information in a clear, helpful way.
  • The goal of technical writing is to make the writing accessible to experts and to people who don’t know all the technical jargon a particular industry uses. Simplicity matters because it helps to convey information that everyone can understand.
  • Of course! Let us know what topic your technical writing project covers, and we’ll take it from there.
  • Provide as much clarity as you can to help your writer meet your expectations. Share your instructions, style expectations, and other details that will help the writer.
  • Yes – we won’t share your brief or content. If you have questions, please reach out to our support team.
  • We do offer unlimited revisions. If you need changes, just ask! Revisions are included, so you won’t pay more because you request revisions.
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