Which Grammar Mistakes Make Readers Laugh at You?

I purposefully butcher the occasional grammatical rule… it’s the rebel in me, I suppose. In many cases, the strategically placed off-phrase can enhance your writing; plus, I’m from Texas where the “language” isn’t exactly proper all the time. Y’all know bout that, dontcha!? It’s cute and funny to sometimes throw the rules out the window, [read more…]

Stumped? Post Ideas for your Business Blog

Blogging is one of those hobbies that just work better if you add new content regularly. For a business blog, it is ideal to post something at least a couple times a week… and preferably more often than that. Lots of business bloggers get stuck, though, in trying to find topics to blog about so often. [read more…]

5 Realities In Content Marketing Businesses Should Embrace

Everyone talks about content marketing. Content writers are in business, all right. Yet, businesses struggle to have any content on their websites or blogs. In spite of all the ubiquitous advice on the Internet (including this blog post), the very nature of online business, and the huge demand for content for every business out there [read more…]

The 3 Most Difficult Clients: How to Deal

Ahhhh, the one thing for a freelancer that makes us, breaks us, and usually manages to drive us up the proverbial wall. The Client. Now, don’t get me wrong… I LOVE my current clients with a capital “L” and a little sideways heart! Everyone I am lucky enough to write for right now has been [read more…]

5 Common Copywriting Mistakes Made By New Bloggers

If you are like me, then you may have started a blog as way to channel your creativity or to combat your day-to-day boredom. It’s like an online journal for you to put down your thoughts and have your friends read it, right? But months have gone by and you haven’t had more than a [read more…]

How to Choose Topics for Your Business Blog

I mentioned in a previous post that ANY business can benefit from a blog. What I didn’t get to elaborate on there was how. Those business owners who are trying to work within an exclusive niche sometimes find themselves wondering… “What should I blog about?” The answer to that is “anything!” Even those in a [read more…]

Any Type of Business can Benefit from a Blog

I can relate to those techie-scared small-business owners out there who are just glad they finally made that HUGE leap into modern times by getting a website. My photography business skated along for years off-line… I relied on business cards and word-of mouth to attract customers. The ironic part of it was that I’ve been [read more…]