How to Stand Out with Seasonal Content Marketing

Seasonal content marketing

In the constant battle for traffic, leads, shares, and sales, many marketers forget to pay attention to one key thing: Trends. As a brand, you need to constantly innovate new ways to market to your audience. People become desensitized to the same messages being conveyed over and over in a similar way. That’s where seasonal [read more…]

50 Posts or Less to Market Domination (If You Do This…)

Market domination

Blog Quantity Does Not Equal Quality You shouldn’t ever need more than 50 posts maximum, if you do it right. If you create 50 posts and your blog isn’t as successful as you desire, the issue is the quality, not the quantity. This article will give you some much needed clarity on why your current blog [read more…]

7 Tips for Writing a Killer Sales Page

Writing a sales page requires more than just mere text; it requires the perfect combination of quality writing, convincing text, and an offer that your target audience shouldn’t be able to resist. There are certain criteria that a copywriter should concentrate on if you want your sales page to be a successful one. By following [read more…]

Can You Sell Your Voice? 4 Tips For Reaching a Larger Audience

Whether you write for a living or you’re simply trying to string a few words together to promote a product or service, brushing up on a few strategies will help you more effectively find your voice and tout your expertise. Today’s online consumer is savvy and well informed with high standards. And whether they’re looking [read more…]

Friday Funnies Episode 8: S.E.Oh-No!

Search Engine Optimi-what!?? That’s about where I was the first time I had an SEO-person read my personal blog (I had apparently been “discovered)… and at the time I had no interest whatsoever in SEO, search-engine rankings, or anything else other than reaching my goal of 30 readers. Little did I know how much those three [read more…]

Skydive Into Content Marketing

Diving out of a flying airplane, breezing down towards the earth, feeling the thrill and the chill of the fall, scared and excited at the same time, an experience of a life time, but is it for all? I feel… it is what a content marketer experiences every day, of course subtracting the diving through [read more…]

Infographic Tuesday: How New Marketing And Old Marketing Are Going Toe-To-Toe

Statistical analysis by way of graphs and charts once haunted boardrooms and lecture halls and taunted the audience with a cocktail of dry information, sterile facts and the general taste of dull. Today though, infographics are a tasty touch of awesome. For good reason too. They have the ability to rock your information gathering socks [read more…]