Want to thrive after the COVID-19? Move your business online

At some point, the current coronavirus pandemic will end. Is your business set up to thrive in the post-COVID-19 business landscape? The reality is, the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has upended life for people all over the world. One of the most significant changes that has affected businesses is social distancing. Whether communities are [read more…]

A 9-Step Content Marketing Plan for Any Business

content marketing plan

There’s a big myth in content marketing today: “Simply publish great content on a regular basis, and you will drive traffic, rank in search engines, and grow your business.” People who believe this myth end up doing one of two things: Publishing blog posts and hope people visit their site. Promoting lots of subpar content, [read more…]

10 Powerful B2B Content Marketing Strategies

b2b content marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience in a non-intrusive way. Since content provides value, it allows you to enter your customer’s lives seamlessly and on a regular basis. But, just like other marketing methods, there’s a difference between how you market to B2C and B2B audiences. They have [read more…]

8 Digital Content Marketing Secrets

Content marketing is becoming ever more popular. More and more businesses are started blogs and publishing content. They’re curating posts on social media. They’re running paid ads to drive traffic to their latest articles. And they’re following the advice of every big name in content marketing — the blogs that coined the term and/or promoted [read more…]

How to Write Blog Posts

Branded Content Marketing: The Business Case for Viral Campaigns

branded content marketing

Branded content marketing is becoming a powerful top-of-the-funnel strategy for many businesses. It keeps them at the forefront of consumer’s minds, and it helps to build a positive brand image. This form of content marketing also takes advantage of social media to spread brand awareness. What Is Branded Content Marketing? You might be asking yourself: [read more…]

9 Mobile Content Marketing Trends that Could Make or Break Your Business

mobile content marketing

It’s no secret that mobile is changing the way everyone does business online. Think about how often you use your phone to browse websites, access social media, fill in forms, and conduct searches. Now translate that usage to every smartphone user. Salesforce states that 83% of mobile internet users expect a seamless experience across devices. [read more…]