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Brand Marketing and Content Creation:
Peas in a Pod

If you are looking for a few ideas on how to create content with a brand strategy in mind, get started with these 5 strategies. Once you’ve moved through these 5 steps, we’ve given you a link to move onto the next phase.

1 Get Social

What does it say about a company who does not even exist on Twitter, has zero fans on Facebook, or does not have a company page on LinkedIn? Consumers and potential clients do their homework, and companies who do not communicate their brand image with social channels will be overlooked. Build trust and engage in brand marketing with social media. Not sure what to share? Follow the social rules: Be helpful. Be useful. Think of social media as bread crumbs…you are leaving a reliable, useful trail of information which leads straight to your website.

2 Write Stories

Move from content to conversations. How would you like customers to feel after using your product or service? Create a story that invokes this feeling in readers or viewers, and spread the word. You can do this with videos, articles, blog posts, or web pages. A client testimonial is the perfect start to one of these stories.

3 Interview

Don’t let business leaders hide behind a website, bring them out from behind their computer monitors, and give them a voice. You don’t have to go so far as putting them on video (though that is the first choice), you can also use tools such as Speechpad. Create an interview for your top management team, and ask them to talk about the brand message. Turn this interview into a blog post or press release, and share it far and wide. In most cases, it only takes a few key quotes, and a professional copywriter can incorporate the quotes into an article or blog post.

4 Monitoring Tools

How can you monitor interaction and engagement with a brand? There is a long list of tools, but there are a few who have proven their worth. The world of social media is full of hype, but these providers offer something more.

5 Tie it all together

Brand marketing is all about the packaging, and making sure it all fits together. Do your sales people know what your marketers are promising? Is your service or product team able to deliver what your sales and marketing teams are pitching? If the answer to either of these questions is anything less than an exuberant “YES!”, there is your final step. Find out what is in the way of the YES, and move it.

A special thank you to Red Slice for inspiring this list. If your brand management efforts are hindering your content campaign, we recommend paying them a visit.