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Social Media Monitoring

Question: If you keep filling your social media funnel with content, will it turn into new business?

Don’t let your social media campaigns be the loudspeaker that never gets a check up. A social media tool should do more than give you a dashboard; it should crunch numbers too. Insights such as engagement, sharing and conversion rates can tell your team whether or not content efforts are working.

A social media presence is critical for brand positioning, but social monitoring can tell you whether your content is hitting the right notes. Check out these social media monitoring tools:

1 Buffer for Business

Not only does Buffer give you a sophisticated analytics platform, it’s also a scheduling platform for posts. A variety of account options is available, from free to $250.00 a month for large teams who need access to robust data.

2 True Social Metrics

True Social Metrics is a new player to the social monitoring landscape, but offer a budget friendly tool at a competitive price. The creators are data geeks, and their blog gives users valuable tips on data reporting for client campaigns.

3 Beevolve

Like Buffer and True Social, Beevolve gets it. It’s not about the megaphone, it’s about measuring what the megaphone does. Beevolve offers a cool retargeting option, and breaks down clicks and conversions into an easy to understand pie chart. We love pie.

There are many more tools available, but if you don’t have the next 24-48 hours to sort through them all, use our list. We’ve kept it short and sweet to help you move along. If you insist diving deeper into the research process, head on over to Social Fresh. They not only provide a more expansive list, their entire website is dedicated to inspiring the success of social media campaigns.

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