Stumped? Post Ideas for your Business Blog

Blogging is one of those hobbies that just work better if you add new content regularly. For a business blog, it is ideal to post something at least a couple times a week… and preferably more often than that.

Lots of business bloggers get stuck, though, in trying to find topics to blog about so often. With a business blog, it’s not always an option to just write about what moves you. You have a niche you have to stay within, and all your topics have to be in some way related to your business.

It can be very limiting.

I’ve compiled a list of topics for you to save for those blank moments when you can’t think of a thing to write about, but your blog is begging for fresh content. Remember, lots of these can be expanded upon (to make longer or multiple posts) or varied to suit your blog.

Business blog sneak peekGive a Behind the Scenes Peek: There is probably an aspect of your business that most customers don’t get to see. A warehouse, assembly-line, production activities, even a photo of your home office or equipment can give you something to talk about!

Make a Profile for Staff Members:  If you have more than a single-person owner/operator business, make a blog post for each staff member, offering a photo and brief bio. Your customers will enjoy knowing about your people, and it may cause a boost in business when you “personalize” yourself.

Review a Movie or Book in your Industry: If there is a really great book or movie that has something to do with your field, write up a review of it… recommending something like this to customers is a great way to connect. Ask them to leave comments recommending their own favorites.

Add a FAQ Page: If you don’t already have a Frequently Asked Questions list, try posting on as a blog post, and add it as a web page (like the “about” pages on a blog). This is a popular choice because customers can easily look for the answers to their questions and problems without having to bother asking.

Describe a Great FAIL Moment: Everyone loves humor, and as long as you explain how you fixed a problem (so you don’t scare away your customers), you can gain some popularity with a candid take on something work-related that went terribly wrong.

Business blog tips & tricksTips and Tricks: This old standby is a great one, and businesses can take advantage of a super-popular search term by posting a list of tips and tricks for using your products, getting the most out of services, or even the occasional related DIY project… choose one that won’t make your products unnecessary! An example? For a photography site, list tips for preparing for a photo shoot such as what to wear, what to bring, and the best makeup styles.

“A Day in the Life of…”: In great detail, log a typical workday. You can make it as detailed as you want, but be sure to include all work-related activities. Add some humor with “Got distracted and stuck on Facebook for an hour,” or logging every single cup of coffee as though it’s of vital importance.

Make a Link List: You probably have a mental list, a favorites collection, or some other list of websites you like to use for your job… it may be helpful blogs, resources, or websites of similar businesses. Try compiling a huge list of 30 or more links to resources for those in your industry.

Debunk a few Myths: Every profession has a few things that people believe about them that just aren’t true. Try blogging about these things to set the record straight.

Sequel your Most-Read Post: Check out your stats page and find out which post from your archives was the most popular. Link to it, and write a follow-up… elaborating on certain points, adding updated information, or describing why you wrote it.

Tweets to Follow: If you’re a Twitterer, you probably follow some people from your niche. Make a list of your favorites to recommend to your clients.

Take Advice: Solicit suggestions and criticism from your clients, and offer a prize for the best suggestion.

Business blog idolMake an Idol Profile: Choose someone in your field who is either an expert or extremely successful. Write a profile of that person and describe the things that make the person so successful.

Write an Invitation: Create a “Calling all Bloggers” post inviting people to contact you to be a guest-poster. Offer them the chance to be “seen” by your customers in your blog, a profile of themselves as an introduction, and a link-back to their own blog.

Describe your Charity Work: If your company supports or donates to a charity, describe the cause and what you do to support it. Link to their website or Facebook page.

Create a Beginners’ Guide: If you’re experienced, try writing a how-to for newbies trying to get where you are. Include some tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way and are sure will work. Be a voice of authority and give your clients confidence in your abilities.

How about you? Leave a comment if you have a blog post idea for businesses!

Written by Tori F.
I am a freelance writer and photographer with a wild imagination and inspiration in the form of my two minions (my children), a few feline familiars, and a view out my front windows of the wild West Texas canyons.