Sales Letters

Irresistible sales copy that converts like crazy

Whatever you’re selling, our sales letters will turn readers into buyers


Command your readers’ attention

Our sales letter copywriters know how important it is to write attention-grabbing headlines and sales copy that is inspiring but not over the top.


Clear calls to action

We understand your bottom line and we’re here to help you increase sales by gently guiding customers through the quickest route to pressing the buy button.


Focus on feelings, not facts

Buying decisions are based on emotions over logic so bland lists of features simply won’t cut it. Our sales letter copywriters know how to leverage your reader’s motivations with highly persuasive copy.


Our experience is your advantage

Since we’ve been in business we’ve worked with several brands on countless campaigns and we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Now we’re ready to pass our knowledge on to you.

Beat the competition with SEO-enhanced sales letters

Writing great sales copy is one hurdle we can help you overcome but even the most compelling sales letters won’t help your business if nobody is reading them. We know how to utilize the latest search engine optimization techniques to ensure that your sales pages come up on top.

Choose from four fantastic value options

Sales letters range from 150 to 500 words and written only by specialist sales letter copywriters, not generic web content writers.

  • Standard Excellent value, professionally written sales copy from one of our screened native English speaking writers. A great choice for any budget.

  • Extended A great choice for those wanting a longer sales letter to include more detailed information, at a highly affordable price.

  • Premium Assignments only offered to our top copywriters with dazzling client feedback and the persuasive skills to sell ice to eskimos. The obvious choice if only the best will do.

  • Premium Extended Our highest quality sales copy at a higher word count. Perfect for products and services that need a little more explanation.

Our top tips for successful sales letters

  • Make a great offer – even the most compelling sales copy in the world can’t work miracles so make sure you’re starting off with an amazing offer.
  • Use eye-catching images to grab the reader’s attention and draw the eye to important sections in the copy.
  • Include videos in your sales pages – video has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 85%.
  • Create a sense of urgency – sales letters are at their most effective when the product or service in question is limited to a certain number of units or available only for a limited time.
  • Include compelling testimonials – including testimonials could improve sales by around 30%.
  • Always include a P.S. at the end of your sales copy – the postscript is the second most read part of any sales letter after the main headline as many readers tend to skip right to the end. It’s a great place to summarize your sales message and include a call to action.

Lucky you found us

  • We have writers skilled in the art of sales copywriting, ready to work for you at a moment’s notice.
  • We write sales letters that are dynamic and persuasive and we don’t resort to sleazy sales talk to get your message across.
  • Our writing focuses on the reader, harnessing their feelings and emotions to extoll the virtues of your product or service.
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee so if you’re not happy, you don’t pay – no questions asked.