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Email Newsletter Templates

As companies enhance to email newsletters campaigns to increase client interaction and conversion, email newsletter templates are in high demand. Particularly, responsive email templates are critical to the success of an email campaign. According to Litmus, 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices; if your email design does not respond to the size of the device, you lose.

Don’t lose traction with your subscribers, and embrace responsive design. It will only takes a few minutes to implement your custom responsive email  template with your current email service provider (Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.).


Looking for a handy list of email newsletter templates? Look no further, here you are:

1 Magnetiq

Magnetiq offers a leading email marketing template, offering flexible structures and block modules. Magnetiq is popular due to its clean and professional design.

2 Freshty

Freshty is the leader in creating an email newsletter with a focus on Call To Actions. Users love the code and design quality of this template.

3 Quinn

Quinn is the winner for e-commerce businesses, showcase products efficiently on any screen size.

4 Metromix

Metromix is one of the easiest email templates available today; simply add or remove blocks as needed, simple layout arrangement, and remove elements with one click.

5 Freshmail

Looking for the minimalist option with responsive design? Freshmail is the answer.

Each email template listed above has been tested as “inbox compatible” for all of the major players: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and more.

Before you move along and implement a new email newsletter design, don’t forget to include a “social sharing” block in your email! Social Fresh provides a summary article on the use of social sharing buttons within your email campaign, and links to several compelling studies. Go forth, share information in a responsive design, and make your content easy to share!