Infographic Tuesday: How New Marketing And Old Marketing Are Going Toe-To-Toe

Statistical analysis by way of graphs and charts once haunted boardrooms and lecture halls and taunted the audience with a cocktail of dry information, sterile facts and the general taste of dull. Today though, infographics are a tasty touch of awesome. For good reason too. They have the ability to rock your information gathering socks in a whole new way. They can showcase facts with almost any other flavour, from sarcasm to tongue in cheek humour.

This one from Blue Glass (ex. Voltier Digital) mixes cutesy with cool to highlight how marketing has evolved. The information is super good, and simple to grasp. It is current, it is savvy and it is useful. Let’s break down the goods from Blue Glass.

They define the difference between ‘then’ and ‘now’ marketing tactics with the terms inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is the new breed, the cool kid if you will – Internet based and very social. Outbound marketing is the old school ways – television, radio, print etc.

The decline of outbound marketing is backed up by some pretty damning facts that show that people are definitely trying to shut the door in the face of outbound methods. People unsubscribe to emails that bother them and they now have the technology to skip advertising on television. In the lovely land of the U.S of A, 200 million people have taken advantage of the FTC’s (Federal Trade Commission) option to be placed on a ‘do not call’ list, blocking out cold calls to homes. These are all punches in the outbound advertising face to be certain.

However, the arty work doesn’t address the new aggression and sneaky tactics that outbound marketing is using to punch back and stay in the game. While stating that 84% of people have bolted from a website to escape advertising, does this include websites which have the only access to certain things? Just try to watch a youtube video that doesn’t start with an advertisement first. Or watch a television show online that doesn’t have inescapable advertising. It is sneaky, but it is still outbound marketing, non? And well, to this humble outbound marketing hater, it is as annoying as all get-out. However, it is still keeping outbound in the game, right? If I miss a show I want to see, I put up with the annoying advertising online to get the information I want. According to this infographic I am in the 16% minority.

The infographic points out very clearly that the world is now social. Information gathering is social, it is found and then it is shared through the likes of facebook and twitter. It makes no mention of the razor thin edge that inbound marketing must balance upon. A social audience is a wonderful tool, however a social misstep can be a marketing nightmare and brand damaging. Twitter has proven to be the downfall of a few brands. Stephanie Rice made a monumental boo boo, as did Ashton Kutcher. The American Red Cross even managed to announce to the twitter world that it was blind drunk on some bizarre concoction at a party! So while inbound marketing has all the funk and cool, it is really not a toy. It is immediate and global. This is the inherent danger. Perhaps Blue Glass could have found us some stats on the impact of inbound marketing oopsie daisies, as much as it would be great information, it would also have been fun! Shall we ask this of them?

inbound marketing rising

Written by Joanne M.
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