Can You Sell Your Voice? 4 Tips For Reaching a Larger Audience

Whether you write for a living or you’re simply trying to string a few words together to promote a product or service, brushing up on a few strategies will help you more effectively find your voice and tout your expertise. Today’s online consumer is savvy and well informed with high standards. And whether they’re looking for something in particular or just some useful information, you have only one chance to make a lasting impression. Keeping your words interesting may not be enough – selling your voice and ultimately reaching a larger audience demands words that inspire, evoke emotion and provide expertise that is out front and relevant.

1. Connect and Inspire

Anyone can write, but only a select few can actually inspire with their words. Writing that inspires leaves a lasting impression, but also leads to action. It’s memorable and thought provoking, yet clear and concise. Think about what it is you have to say that evokes emotion and use that to create memorable imagery and compelling content that connects with your reader. Remember, inspirational words are not restricted by subject matter and can be factual, colorful, emotive or plain and simple – it’s about connecting with your audience and delivering something they not only relate to, but wish to revisit.

2. Be Opinionated… But Be Sincere

Don’t be afraid to express an opinion or be controversial when you write. But remember, sincerity and honesty come through in a well written piece. When you are opinionated, chances are good that you’ll find people who agree with you and tell their friends, increasing your visibility. But even those who disagree – even abhor – what you have to say will most likely tell their friends too and your visibility increases either way. It’s not about what you say as much as it is about sincerity and honesty in your message. Keep it real, and people will stay engaged.

3. Use Your Expertise To Compel Action

Often, the job of a writer is to deliver content that convinces people to take action. Whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product or returning in the future, persuasive writing that compels action is key. How do you compel action? As a writer, you have the unique opportunity to be the expert – the chance to tout your expertise through your words. People who are reading what you have to say – whether they’ve stumbled upon it or were guided, are expecting you to deliver. Over deliver by solving the problem- describe the pain and present the remedy – clear, actionable and easy to follow solutions build trust and loyalty.

4. Stay Ahead of the Curve

Engage targeted traffic by staying out front, ahead of the curve. That means keeping current with industry specific news, cutting edge technologies, and whatever you need to stay fresh and relevant. People looking for value adding information will be more inclined to visit, promote your writing and rely on you for the latest and the greatest. Staying ahead of the curve will ensure your readers are hanging on your every word and spreading it around.

Remember, your words are the first and only chance you have to make a great impression and selling your voice requires a commitment. Reach a larger audience by connecting to your reader with sincere, honest content that inspires enthusiasm and evokes emotion. Compel action by over delivering value adding information that is fresh, relevant and in demand. Finally, don’t over think it. Write from the heart, own your own style and be proud of it – the rest will follow.

Written by Kerri H.
Kerri is a freelance writer with extensive experience creating print and web content across a wide range of industries.