Shock Treatment for your Stagnant Blog: 5 Fresh Writing Tips

Sadly, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of blogs out there sitting stagnant with yesterday’s news and last season’s posts. Either the blogger lost interest, got writer’s block, spaced on their log-in info, or (more commonly) just felt like they ran out of things to say.

If you’re the victim of the blahs, don’t lose faith in your blog… it’s sitting there waiting patiently for you to breathe life into it.

Even if you blog in an exclusive niche, and feel like you’ve exhausted your subject matter, there is hope for your little slice of the web… and I’m going to give you five ideas that are sure to get you back on a roll, in a groove… you get the picture.

Save My Blog Tip #1. Throw a wrench into it… a Funky Wrench!

blog wrench
There’s a good chance you ran out of things to blog about because you were blogging about the same thing in every post.

No, no… I know you weren’t copy/pasting your intro over and over. Actually, if that’s what you’ve been doing, then you need more blogging help than I can possibly offer here.

What I mean is that you’ve talked about every aspect of your niche, and ran out of ideas.

Hmmm… let’s say your business is beaded bracelets. You’ve covered each style, every kind of bead, and several DIY’s. You posted photos of celebrities wearing beaded bling, and blogged about each new bracelet you made.

…and you’re fresh out of ideas.

That’s when you throw in something completely off-the-wall, but slightly related. Write something entertaining about people dressing up their dogs in more shiny shyte than Liberace. You can tie it to your niche by mentioning beaded dog collars.

Make up a funny story about going for your bikini wax and dropping your bracelet into the wax pot.

Shock your readers. Surprise them into wanting to come back and see what’s next. Don’t think outside the proverbial box… shatter that limiting cube!

Save My Blog Tip #2. Dredge up Ancient History.

blog ancient history
Again, you’ve exhausted your niche. You think.

Think again… all the way back to where the first beads came from, what they were made of, and who wore them.

This works for any niche. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, someone somewhere invented it. That makes for an interesting story (or a series of them!). You can broaden this into several blog posts by making a history-post on different aspects of your niche.

Blog about who invented your “field.” Then blog about who made it famous. Add in a few histories of the related tools and materials of the trade.

Save My Blog Tip #3. Pretend it’s Opposite Day.

This is a fun one (unless you did actually blog about your last bikini wax… not sure I can top that one). Think back to your normal how-to

or DIY posts, or any posts that describe something in detail.

Then reverse it!

Write about what NOT to do, how NOT to make something, or the WORST way to wear something. Bracelets? Write about styles that are soooo not cool.

Writing about writing? Advise (make sure people know it’s a joke) your readers to use looooong unbroken paragraphs. Encourage spelling errors for eccentricity. Title it “How to Make a Blog Crash and Burn.”

Save My Blog Tip #4. Ignore the Hot Topics.

too hot
Many bloggers stick to currently hot topics. What they don’t realize is that this limits them severely. Sure, hot topics are… well… hot.

However, the thing about the trending titles is that there is sooooo much competition. It’s tough to find a new angle when everyone is talking about the same things. Plus, by the time your readers get to reading you, they’re likely sick and tired of the subject from the overload on social media.

Instead of worrying about what’s popular, blog about whatever you’re feeling at the moment. See a great movie? Hear something interesting on the news, even if it’s not necessarily a trendy topic? Your cat do something crazy?

Blog about it!!!

Save My Blog Tip #5. Enlist some Backup.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you try or where you look for inspiration. Every writer has those days (sometimes weeks) where the words are just simply not going to come out.

If you need (or want) a fresh post during one of these “blank spots,” consider a guest blogger.

Read through some of the blogs you love, and pick one or ten… shoot them an email inviting them to write a post for your blog. Offer them full credit, a link to their own blog, and your eternal dying gratitude.

Trust me, most bloggers will jump on the opportunity, seeing it as exposure for themselves (hey, they get to tap right into your pool of readers!) and the ultimate compliment.

Wanna know a little secret? When I got hooked up here on as a guest blogger, I was ECSTATIC! I posted it on Facebook, my own blog, and told everyone I know. I arrogantly like to think that I brought my own readers to these guys and made their world just a little bit better. ;)

See? A guest blogger could be a great opportunity for you AND the blogger you invite!

Written by Tori F.
I am a freelance writer and photographer with a wild imagination and inspiration in the form of my two minions (my children), a few feline familiars, and a view out my front windows of the wild West Texas canyons.

  • Hi Tori, these are some very useful tips for bloggers!

    I’m by far not new to blogging or copywriting, but I recently started a blog along with my website. I am highly interested in approaching other bloggers, but I am curious as to the Google pagerank issue–my blog has none yet since it’s a few months old.

    I am wondering if low/lack of pagerank creates resistance from established bloggers, since that elusive number makes a difference to quite a few of them. What is your take on that?

  • Hi Jarvis,

    Thanks for visiting, it’s great to hear from you!

    I really can only speak for myself when I say that I honestly couldn’t care less about pagerank. If I’m approached by a blogger, I’ll take a look at their content to see if I like it. If they have something that moves me, they’re golden…I don’t care what everyone else or the almighty Google happens to think.

    That said…I should add a disclaimer. If someone approaches me with a well-written, thoughtful, or otherwise catchy note, I will check out their content. If someone contacts me with a “hey, um i wuz wondern if u might like wanna come rite for me,” they’re …um, gonna get deleted.

    Other bloggers may care about pagerank, but that’s probably more of a concern for their own blog. I doubt that any established blogger would check the ratings before the content when contacted by someone looking for a guest-post. Anyone who does is more concerned with climbing the ladder than getting quality content out there…and therefore not worth your time. Put simply, you can do better.

    We’ve all been rookie bloggers before…we all know what it’s like to have the talent, the voice, and the ideas…but not the numbers. No blogger worth his free platform will fault a fellow writer for that! Anyone who does is just mean! :)

    That is a thought-provoking question, though. Any other bloggers want to add their own thoughts?


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