Make your Facebook Business Page a Success

So you’ve built yourself a Facebook Page for your business, you’ve posted a couple of status updates about your excitement in joining the social-media-marketing world, and you’ve told your parents and roommate to go “like” your page…


Now you’re wondering what to do with your new pet project, aren’t ya? It’s sitting there, a clean slate just waiting to be successful… taunting you with its nothingness.

Fill it up!

It’s tempting to start trolling for “likes” and urging people to start commenting and adding things for you. Unfortunately, in Facebook-Land, that’s the equivalent of the proverbial horse with his poor nose stuck to the back of his cart.

If you don’t have anything posted for people to like, they won’t. If you have nothing interesting to discuss, the only comments to be found will be the obligatory ones from your parents and loyal roomie.

You have to give people something to see, something to discuss, and (most attractively) something to share. That’s what makes a Fanpage successful.

Make it pretty

Pretty Facebook
Start with a great profile picture… if you’re a sole-proprietor of a little business, a nice headshot of YOU is ideal. If your biz is a bit bigger, a logo or graphic that represents your niche is a good choice.

Next is a cover photo. If you’re familiar with Facebook at all, you know there is now a huge banner-like space on every page now, front and center, where you are supposed to display an impressive picture.

For the record, I hated the timeline and the cover photo… for about a day. Now I love the changes! So if you’re intimidated by the “new look” of Facebook, rest assured it will grow on you.

Anyway, about that cover photo… some of the best ones are a shot of the company sign, logo, or storefront. This is especially attractive if your profile picture (which is a small thumbnail on the bottom corner of the cover photo) is a headshot of you.

Another great cover photo is a quality shot of the product you’re promoting. If you’re a photographer or designer of some sort, consider changing it to a new photo (or graphic design) each day, to make this a revolving portfolio.

Explain yourself

There is a little “about” section that can be ignored on traditional Facebook profiles; in fact, lots of people skip that part for privacy reasons.

For a business page, though, you cannot skip the part of the page that tells people who you are, what you do, where to find you, and what you offer.

The profile gives you easy fill-in-the blank prompts, and it will only help you to fill them in as thoroughly as you can. This is your “Pick-me-BUY-my-stuff” page!

Give it some meat

Facebook meat
No, no, no… nothing about food, and PETA you can Back-off!!

I am talking about some substance, something to fill it out. Fill out a few status-update boxes with quotes, interesting trivia, and news bits that somehow tie to your niche. It doesn’t matter that they all get published within minutes of each other… you are simply getting things on the page so that when people visit, there is something to read.

Visit some other pages in your niche, and “share” some of the photos and things they’ve put out there… but be careful here.

Don’t post someone else’s private stuff. Ever.

I am referring to the funny captioned pictures and signs that float around Facebook getting shared hundreds of times. By passing these along using the “share” button, you make sure that there is a credit line (of sorts) that points back to where you found the material.

Post a few of your own photos, of your business, your staff, and your product or service. If you have art to show off, use the albums feature and go nuts!

NOW you can begin to spread the word

Now that you have a little more than a blank page to show off, you can begin to spread the word of your new page… and hopefully begin to generate more clients, better word-of-mouth advertising, and more circulation of your brand.

The BEST feature of the Facebook business page has got to be the “invite friends” button. This is where the 537 “friends” you’ve collected over the years (seriously, do you all really know that many people???) finally pays off.

Click that button, choose groups of friends by location and other filters, and check the ones you want to share your page with. Click submit, and VOILA!! Instantly dozens of people get an invitation to go visit your page!

You can also share your page with email contacts, in groups, and by paid advertising. Don’t forget to post a link to it on your website, and even put it on your business cards!

Begin to share with yourself, too… when you post a particularly intriguing thing to your fan-page, “share” that status on your regular profile as well. It’s more people reached.

Pepper in some perks

Facebook pepper perks
You’re well on your way to getting lots of “likes,” plenty of “shares,” and maybe a few new clients. Now you need to give them some incentive to re-post some of your items.

The best way to get people to do this is good old-fashioned bribery! Yes… bribe your people!

Come up with a service or product you don’t mind giving away in exchange for some free advertising. Then post a pretty picture of it (or describe it) along with the following:

“Everyone who shares this status/photo will be entered into a drawing on ##/##/####, to WIN this great product/service!! So get sharing! Remember, multiple shares are allowed… you can post this in groups and on your own personal and business profiles!”

… or something along those lines. Make it yours.

Other great ways to perk up your page include:

  • Offering a weekly or monthly special.
  • Offering a discount to those who mention “this status” when they come to you for service.
  • Hold a caption contest for a cute photo (works especially well for photographers).
  • Hold a trivia contest where you ask a question and award the first commenter who has the correct answer.

Update it often.

The best way in the world to KILL your Facebook page is to ignore it. Every new thing you post shows up on your friends’ (fans’) Newsfeeds… if you never post anything new, there is nothing to bring them around.

If you’re worried that you’ve already neglected and abandoned your older Facebook Business Page, and it’s too late, STOP WORRYING! The glory of these on-going pages is that you can jump in with fresh new material anytime and get things rolling again, no harm done!

So how about you guys? Have you posted anything cool or unusual that brought in lots of comments and likes?

Written by Tori F.
I am a freelance writer and photographer with a wild imagination and inspiration in the form of my two minions (my children), a few feline familiars, and a view out my front windows of the wild West Texas canyons.