Friday Funnies Episode 9: Ever have one of those weeks…

Where absolutely nothing productive happens? Well, I should clarify… where absolutely nothing successfully productive.

I stared at my woefully blank screen for a day.

I re-wrote a sentence for another day.

I boycotted my computer on another.

I tried all my own tricks, all the tricks that Google had to offer, and my husband’s advice of “write a bunch of lists of things you want to write about” (actually not bad advice…).

It was just one of those weeks that we all have once in a while where nothing is going to kill the writer’s block. I apologize to my readers, I have apologized to my news editor, and I should probably apologize to my husband… it was a rough week for the metaphorical punching bag as well.

Which reminds me… I used to have this little stuffed “rag doll.” A simple, not even clothed, human-shaped pillow made of cloth… with a little message written on it in Sharpie. Something along the lines of “this is a damn-it doll, created to take the fall… something, something, something… so just hit it, throw it, beat it on the wall, screaming ‘dammit’ ‘dammit’ ‘dammit’… for this is a damn-it doll.”

I wonder whatever happened to that doll… it would have come in handy this week.

writer cartoon

Maybe I should get thebig block to place on my desk… I could write angry complaints all over it in Sharpie until my muse returns.

writer cartoon

Or, I could go on strike. My sign would be a “do not disturb” sign, and I cold picket my front yard until my husband and kids get hungry and go in search of food… then I could lock them out and write in peace!!

writer cartoon

That’s it!! It’s the pencil… the one m daughter got on Valentine’s Day last year with little cupids all over it.

Maybe it’s Cupid. Evil bastard.

writer cartoon

I think I had this exact conversation with myself on day 3.

writer cartoon

Yes… there are Writer’s Block moments that will make you BELIEVE that it will NEVER END.

Then you create something brilliantly useless, and all will be well again in WriterWorld.

Written by Tori F.
I am a freelance writer and photographer with a wild imagination and inspiration in the form of my two minions (my children), a few feline familiars, and a view out my front windows of the wild West Texas canyons.