Friday Funnies Episode 6: Crazy, Lazy Writers

Ahhhh, the wonderfully eccentric world of The Writer.

There are so many stereotypes out there… and I am proud to be the stereotypically weird and touchy writer-type.

I leave sticky-notes in strange places,

with notations that make sense to no one but me…

  • “blue corrug… spell corrigated? corri, corru. BUY CARDBOARD!!!”¬†
  • “green trees did it. symbolism??”
  • “cat article deadline check witches”
  • “10am MAT signs”

I read. A lot. In weird places.

It’s research!!

Here is an actual conversation I had with The Husband recently:

H- “Are you done reading yet? I’m hungry.”

Me- “No… kitchen is open.”

H- “You know there is a whole other world out here, in 3D.”

Me- “This one is more interesting. Besides, I’m researching.”

H- “That’s a romance novel.”

Me- “I needed 37 euphemisms for ‘penis’.”

H- “…”

I also can relate to each of these great cards…

which would be a treat to any Writer you know who might need a laugh.

To the writer who lives and breathes his characters until weeks after the writing is done:

fictional characters

To the Touchy Writer who is an absolute BEAR when a deadline is looming and Writer’s Block has set in:

angry writer type

To the Writer who has a Love/Hate relationship with an editor:

editors toast to writers

To the writer who does her best work in her bathrobe at 3am, on the couch, with coffee and HBO:

writer hard at work

To the writer who will take you out for using the words “real job”:

freelance writing career

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Written by Tori F.
I am a freelance writer and photographer with a wild imagination and inspiration in the form of my two minions (my children), a few feline familiars, and a view out my front windows of the wild West Texas canyons.