6 Freelancing Heroes To Follow and Emulate

We all seek mentors, don’t we? While we do have friends and family to help and support us and ride the boat on turbulent waters, sometimes we all need someone on the inside – those with experience with specific businesses or professions we spend our lives on (freelancing, in this case) – to help us out.

While most freelancer writers and bloggers are an invisible force writing the web (literally), some enterprising freelancers are very visible, successful, and approachable. While almost all of them actively write for clients, some of them built community websites and run other businesses that spin off from writing for the web.

Here are at least six such freelancing heroes we can all follow and learn from:

Kristi Hines

As a freelancer myself, I look for inspiration from anywhere I could find. I’d scour profiles of other copywriters, bloggers, and many other freelancers to see if I can learn something from them.

Kristi Hines, who has a website at kikolani.com, is a true example of a freelancer who is well read, action-oriented, and literally all over the Internet. She works with some of the best online publications such as Kissmetrics.com (a company I adore and respect, owned by Neil Patel), FamousBloggers, Unbounce, Crazyegg, Social Media Examiner, and Wordtracker, she is one of the most successful freelance writers I know.

If you just need to emulate one single freelancer, go after Kristi. You’ll be glad you did.

Angela Booth

Angela Booth runs a blog at Fab Freelance Writing is an old-timer, a veteran, and an accomplished copywriter, blogger, and a freelancing coach. She’s been around for ages, at least for the 7 years that I took to streamline my own freelancing business.

She has a rich experience for writing on the web and her blog alone pulls in thousands of readers a month. Do visit her blog and bookmark it on your Google Reader.

Dana Prince

Born and raised in Canada, Dana Prince is a freelance writer, blogger, and an online consultant. She writes for Future Simple – the company behind a successful (and free) small business CRM solution called Base CRM and Growth University, which is a community for entrepreneurs.

I’ve personally known Dana from the early days of my own freelancing career. I worked with her, and she is an incredibly sweet person apart from being a relentlessly hard-working, enterprising, and approachable freelance writer, blogger, and entrepreneur.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to communicate with her. She is unbelievably approachable in spite of her insanely busy schedule.

Skellie Wag

Skellie Wag is not just a freelancer and a blogger, she’s also an author: she wrote Successful Facebook Marketing and The Blog Business Funnel. If you want to see how she writes, please be sure to read her post series on Barriers to Success. I admit that she isn’t as “visible” as Kristi is, but a bulk of her work is “ghost writing” where she can’t claim the work as her own, except for her blogs and wherever she is given credits.

Jon Norris

John Norris is the editor of Freelance Advisor – a UK-based website on Freelancers, Freelance Tips and Information. It’s one of the most successful blogs in the UK for freelancers and contractors and currently attracts more than 60,000 unique visitors each month. John recently started another website called Contractor Advisor.

Ash Ambridge

Ever wanted to meet someone who is not afraid to “be who they want to be”, and “say what they want to say”? Please meet Ash Ambridge, who is a Freelance blogger and a copywriter who blogs at the Middle Finger Project. She speaks from the heart, she knows what she’s talking about, and she has a voice (in the manner of reading her posts, I mean) that’s hard to “not” pay attention to. By far, her website is the most professionally done, highly customized, and beautifully looking home for a freelancer yet.

These are just six freelancers, out of the thousands, in the entire world. There are plenty of successful freelancers (success is a vague word which means different things for every freelancer out there). The point is that success in freelancing isn’t hard, but it isn’t easy either. The best we can do is to learn from others.

Who do you look up to?

Written by Ash
Ash is a content strategist and a technology aficionado. He owns an Internet Marketing company called Fetchprofits. When he isn’t writing, which is rarely the case, he is traveling the world.