Friday Funnies Episode 8: S.E.Oh-No!

Search Engine Optimi-what!?? That’s about where I was the first time I had an SEO-person read my personal blog (I had apparently been “discovered)… and at the time I had no interest whatsoever in SEO, search-engine rankings, or anything else other than reaching my goal of 30 readers. Little did I know how much those three [read more…]

Which Grammar Mistakes Make Readers Laugh at You?

I purposefully butcher the occasional grammatical rule… it’s the rebel in me, I suppose. In many cases, the strategically placed off-phrase can enhance your writing; plus, I’m from Texas where the “language” isn’t exactly proper all the time. Y’all know bout that, dontcha!? It’s cute and funny to sometimes throw the rules out the window, [read more…]

Stumped? Post Ideas for your Business Blog

Blogging is one of those hobbies that just work better if you add new content regularly. For a business blog, it is ideal to post something at least a couple times a week… and preferably more often than that. Lots of business bloggers get stuck, though, in trying to find topics to blog about so often. [read more…]

The 3 Most Difficult Clients: How to Deal

Ahhhh, the one thing for a freelancer that makes us, breaks us, and usually manages to drive us up the proverbial wall. The Client. Now, don’t get me wrong… I LOVE my current clients with a capital “L” and a little sideways heart! Everyone I am lucky enough to write for right now has been [read more…]

How to Choose Topics for Your Business Blog

I mentioned in a previous post that ANY business can benefit from a blog. What I didn’t get to elaborate on there was how. Those business owners who are trying to work within an exclusive niche sometimes find themselves wondering… “What should I blog about?” The answer to that is “anything!” Even those in a [read more…]

Any Type of Business can Benefit from a Blog

I can relate to those techie-scared small-business owners out there who are just glad they finally made that HUGE leap into modern times by getting a website. My photography business skated along for years off-line… I relied on business cards and word-of mouth to attract customers. The ironic part of it was that I’ve been [read more…]