Email Newsletters

​Email newsletters that are worth signing up for

Build relationships & make sales through email


Attention-grabbing subject lines

Our marketing messages don’t go unread, even in the busiest inboxes. Our email copywriters know how to pack a punch right from the start, to maximize your open rates.


We treat your readers as individuals

Take advantage of the flexibility and power of email by personalizing each message so that each recipient feels as if you are talking directly to them.


The right balance of information & sales

Email is not just a channel to keep your customers up to date – it is also a powerful way to bring in more business. We know how to communicate in a way that is persuasive without being ‘salesy’.


Turn visitors into followers

Offering website visitors valuable information via email is one of the best ways to turn them into loyal customers. Use our experience and knowledge to maximize your conversion rate.

Tap into the power of your list

Communicating directly with your email subscribers is one of the most powerful forms of online marketing, yet this opportunity is seldom used to full advantage. Your email newsletters have a higher chance of being read than copy on your website and are an excellent platform for driving sales. Gain a competitive edge by marketing directly to your list and experience a huge boost for your business.

What type of content is right for you?

Our email newsletters usually run to about 400 words long and we offer two different options to suit your budget:

  • StandardStandard newsletters are a great option for those wanting to get started with an email newsletter on a budget. Written by a highly skilled specialist email copywriter, they’re great value for money.

  • PremiumPremium newsletters are written only by our very best writers with the most impressive client feedback, who have a special talent in the art of selling. If you’re wanting to ramp up your email marketing efforts, our premium option is worth the investment.

Lucky you found us

  • Our email copywriters have years of experience in writing e-newsletters – we know what we’re doing so you don’t have to.
  • We know how to write emails that get opened and read, not just deleted or marked as spam.
  • We can create an autoresponder series for new subscribers, so you’re never left with nothing to say.
  • Our email copywriters know how to inject personality into marketing communications so they’re interesting and entertaining to read.
  • We’ll help you to maximize your signups and minimize your unsubscribes.

How to succeed at email marketing

Offer an incentive – Offering a free ebook, video or special discount to readers who sign up to receive emails is a great way to get extra subscribers.

Stick to a mailing schedule – Letting your subscribers know how often to expect your newsletters and sticking to a schedule is the best way to keep your unsubscribe rate down. Don’t email too often or too infrequently as this may annoy your readers.

Offer valuable, exclusive content – While your email newsletter is an excellent platform for marketing messages, don’t use it to sell all the time. Your emails should offer your followers something extra that they don’t get from your site.

Link back to your website – However, don’t be afraid to drive traffic back to your site. Use your newsletter to inform followers of new blog posts, products or other important updates.

Be careful with design – Email newsletters with a flashy design may look great at your end but may be scrambled or even unreadable once they reach your customers. Avoid using images to relay information and stick to a simple design.

Utilize statistics – Most mailing software will allow you to track sign-ups, unsubscribes and see how many people are actually reading your newsletters and clicking links in them. This can be useful for split testing and measuring the success of different campaigns.

Offer an easy way to unsubscribe – Always include a clear unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email communication to avoid being marked as spam.