7 Tips for Writing a Killer Sales Page

Writing a sales page requires more than just mere text; it requires the perfect combination of quality writing, convincing text, and an offer that your target audience shouldn’t be able to resist. There are certain criteria that a copywriter should concentrate on if you want your sales page to be a successful one. By following providing information about these guidelines to your copywriter, you’re sure to see an increase in conversions in no time.

1: The Offer

If you can keep the attention of your audience long enough to read your offer, you’re already halfway to your goal! How do you ensure that your offer stands out and grabs attention?

Remember the audience. People will move forward with an offer if the message makes sense to them. The copy should speak to the audience wherever they are at in the buying cycle. Otherwise the reader will leave the page before getting to the offer. The “what” isn’t as important as “for whom?”. Learn more about audience targeting in our Resources section.

2: The Headline

Sales page headline

Not sure how to get the perfect headline? Give your copywriter a few pointers to move them in the right direction.

  • Use a question as a headline. Questions engage readers. What does your target audience want to know?
  • Write a headline with “How To”. Although this is a popular option for blog posts, the phrase “how to” grabs reader attention and lures them in to gather more information. Be sure to use keyword phrasing that your human audience can identify with, and not just the search engines.
  • FREE. Offer readers something for free with the offer. Example: “Sign up for our newsletter today, and receive a free ebook….”. Give them something extra for following through with your offer, for free.

3: The Introduction

Experienced sales letter copywriters will tell you that one of the most effective ways to start an intro paragraph is to tell a story with a testimonial. Tell the copywriter to write about someone (or something) that your prospect can relate to, and give them a testimonial to use as a guide. Starting off with this type of introduction instantly builds trust with the reader.

4: Focus on the Positives

positive sales page

If the writer has sparked interest with your readers, it’s time to build toward the offer. Convert all of the factual information about your product, service, and offer into a positive message.

Example: You sell consulting services to startup companies.

Tell readers exactly how they will benefit from your offer. Do you have any hard data to back up your claims? How much did your product or service impact the bottom line of your customers?
You don’t necessarily want just another toaster, but one that can make your toast the way you Use this principle to highlight the benefits that your product or service offer instead of bashing the competition.

5: Simplify the Reading Process

One of the most important aspects of creating an effective sales page to remember is that people want something simple and easy to read. They do not want to scroll through endless pages of text, and this is one of the first things that will immediately lose the interest of possible buyers.

Give your copywriter any of the following guidelines to accomplish this tip:

  • Break up your text – several headings with small paragraphs
  • Use bullet points
  • Add graphics or videos
  • Use different size fonts
  • Use subheadings

6: Call to Action

sales page call to action

Choose one call to action, and stick to it. Don’t ask your reader to call now, sign up for an email newsletter and follow you on Twitter all on the same page. Pick ONE option, and go with it. You may give them the offer more than one time per page, both within the text and in the design (CTA buttons), but don’t confuse your reader with multiple calls to action. If you aren’t sure which CTA is most effective, it’s time to run an A/B test. Read more on Kuno Creative about the copywriter and the CTA.

7: Remember the confirmation page or email

As most internet marketers will tell you, don’t forget the confirmation! Use this page to reinforce the sale with guarantees and a quick reiteration of how the product or service will benefit the buyer. Give the copywriter information about your brand messaging, and ask them to incorporate your brand’s message with the confirmation email or landing page.

You’re ready! Follow these quick and easy tips when creating a brief for your copywriter, and you’ll be on your way toward publishing a phenomenally successful sales page.

Written by Lorien R.
Lorien is a copywriter and also a small business owner who especially enjoys writing for the technology, marketing, and health & fitness markets.